Blog tour & review: Sewing with Oilcloth by Kelly McCants

I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for shiny fabric. I’m also a sucker for bright, happy prints.

So when I got a chance to be part of a blog tour for Sewing With Oilcloth by Kelly McCants, (you may know her as  Oilcloth Addict or Modern June), I was sooo excited! 

The book did not disappoint. 

Sewing With Oilcloth begins with a section of tips and tricks for sewing on oilcloth.  Oilcloth’s slick surface requires some special handling when sewing or ironing, so this section is really helpful if you haven’t sewn on oilcloth before.

After she gives the low-down on handling the oilcloth, she shares detailed instructions for 20 different projects that are well suited for oilcloth’s unique characteristics.  Types of projects range from bags to baby items to home decor.  The instructions are clearly written, with plenty of illustrations to guide the way.  The fabrics she uses in her examples are nothing short of delicious – the color, the pattern, the shine!

Favorite projects include:

Messenger Bag – I LOVE the faux bois (woodgrain) oilcloth they used on the example!  A woodgrain messenger bag!  **sigh…**  Rows of pockets on the inside, as well as on the outer side panels, keep your small items organized.  The handle is made from sturdy webbing.

Baby Bib – It’s been a while since I’ve had to snap one of these around a baby’s neck, but the practicality of a wipe-clean baby bib still thrills.  A pocket at the bottom catches food spills.  They look quick and easy to make, and would be awesome baby gifts.

Wallet – How could you NOT love an oilcloth wallet??  The waterproof surface is a good choice for something that holds paper money, and the sturdy fabric is a good pairing for the heavy use it will get.  A couple of pearl snaps serve as the closure.

Party Banners – I’m not sure which I like more, the riot of color and pattern on the printed banners, or the chalkcloth banners that allow you to write a new message each time you hang it.  A banner like this would add colorful, vintage charm to any party set-up.  Festive, colorful, fun!

Nested Storage Bins – I love pretty storage. And I love pretty fabric.  And I love shiny fabric.  So when pretty, shiny fabric gets used to make nested storage baskets , I’m in love.    There are so many practical uses for these, and they’re so pretty, too!

Want to read what others have to say about this book?  Here’s a schedule of the rest of the Sewing With Oilcloth blog tour:



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