Bunny Baby

Part of the fun it seems to me in having babies, is to be able to dress em up. I have visions of myself with my own mini me dressed in matching ensambles lunching at a chic cafe. Ooh, does that sound very Joan Crawford? Ah, I guess that is why I have a dog!

Maybe instead of like you, you’d rather your baby dress like a princess..or a rabbit!

What baby would not look adorable as all get out in Jennifer Ladd’s Bunny Slippers. The Milwaukee based designer sews these cuties herself in addition to a variety of fancy baby gear and super mod purses.

So why not dress up your little doll while you still can. After all, she’ll eventually become a teenager and you will have NO say what so ever in what she wears, so take advantage of it now, I say. (I’m joking! but again, probably a good thing that I just have a dog!)

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