Craft Hope collects handmade washcloths and towels for Gulf cleanup

If you’ve been watching news of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and feeling helpless as this disaster continues to unfold, here’s a way you can put your sewing (or knitting or crocheting) skills to use to help out.  Craft Hope has dedicated their 8th project to collecting cotton washrags and hand towels to donate to organizations who are cleaning and caring for the animals affected by the oil.  These rags will most likely be used only a handful of times because of the toxic nature of the oil, but they should be still be handmade in keeping with the spirit of Craft Hope.  Simple squares of fabric layered and sewn together will work just fine, and you can make use of recycled fabrics.  Deadline is July 3.  Get the details at Craft Hope’s website

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