Dolly Donations bring dolls to children in need

There’s something special about a child and their doll.  A doll is a constant companion, a source of comfort when sick, and a friend during sad times.  Can you imagine a childhood without a dolly friend?

Dolly Donations is an organization whose mission it is to help provide dolls to children who might not otherwise have them, due to poverty or other crisis.  Their current drive is collecting dolls for orphans in Haiti.

To help get dollies into the hands of needy children, they provide free soft doll patterns and tutorials, and host Dolly Drives.  Along with a pattern for a basic doll, you can also find out how to embroider a face (always a challenge for me!), how to make little cloth shoes for the doll, or how to sew down the yarn hair.  If you like making soft dolls, or think you’d enjoy learning how to make soft dolls, consider making a Dolly Donation.  To find out more about this sewing  cause, visit the Dolly Donations site

[photo from Dolly Donations]

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