Free pattern: Make a driver’s cap

Editor’s Note:  The free pattern referred to in this post is currently housed in the archive at Scribd.  Anyone can view archived documents for free, but Scribd won’t allow you to download or print the document without either purchasing a subscription or uploading one of your own documents to their site.  Please know that the author continues to make no money off of the pattern.

Bandy Canyon shares a free pattern and tutorial for making this old-school driver’s cap.  Keep the retro feel by making it out of an old piece of clothing, as she did.  Very cool! Get the free patternGet the tutorial.

[photo from Bandy Canyon]

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  1. Wynelle says

    You really shouldn’t claim that the Driving Cap pattern is “free”. When you click the link to download the pattern on Scribd, you are required to either upload a file or pay a fee. This is very disappointing, not to mention misrepresentation. It’s the same with any other file that is being hosted on Scribd. If you really want to offer the pattern for free, you need to go to Scribd and refresh it’s status to current instead of archived. I’ve found this a continual disappointment with people that use Scribd. Please don’t take all the joy out of pattern sharing and creativity from these fabulous tutorials by hosting your files in Scribd archives.


    • says

      Wynelle, I wouldn’t knowingly describe a file as “free” if people were asked to pay or upload a file in order to view it. However, Scribd has never asked that from me. I just double-checked on this file, and I am still able to view the file without being asked to pay or upload a file. –Anne

  2. Wynelle says

    Thanks for your reply Anne. Gosh, I really didn’t think you did it on purpose. I’m sorry – it really did sound like that! (*ugh, embarassed*) I posted to Bandy Canyon about her hat pattern. Only the person that uploaded the file can actually change its’ status. I was a little confused about who the pattern belonged to as well.

    Yes, the pattern can be viewed but not printed or downloaded without excluding or recalling it from archive. If you have a paid account with them or have uploaded a document in the last 24 hours, then you can download or print documents that are in archive. It’s a Scribd thing. Here’s the link to their info:

    There are a lot of crafty people using them for free document storage and retrieval but “after a period of time” (that time isn’t really specified) it goes into archive. I’m thinking that not everyone that uses them is aware or clear on the details of that.

    Maybe I can help get the word out.

    Thanks again,


    • says


      I’m sorry if I sounded harsh in my reply. I honestly didn’t mean to! Going back and re-reading my reply to your initial comment, I realize that I was inadvertantly rude to you. Thank you for replying back and clarifying what’s going on with the documents hosted at Scribd. I think I understand better what’s going on. And after reading your comment I went back and tried to actually download the document that I was able to view. Sure enough, it asked that I either subscribe or share my own document, just like you said. Same thing when I tried to print.

      From my research, this looks like it is a relatively new “feature” at Scribd – so Bandy Canyon is probably not aware that this is happening. Thank you for letting me know about this so I can add an editor’s note to make it clear that readers can download the pattern only if they subscribe or upload a document to Scribd. I know the disappointment when you think you’ve found some really awesome free information, only to realize that it’s not so free.

      Thank you again for taking the time to let me know what’s going on, and for being so understanding!

      Warm regards,

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