Free pattern: Mini felt dolls and clothes

minidollsRuno from Nuno Life shares a free pattern to make these mini dolls and clothes from felt.  They remind me of a larger, felt version of my daughter’s Polly Pocket dolls.  I think it’s because the doll clothes are open at the back (same as Polly Pocket’s), which makes them easy to put on and take off the doll.  Think of all the fun you can have personalizing these dolls and making wardrobes for them!  Go to the free pattern.

[photo from Nuno Life]

[via One Pretty Thing]

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  1. yenni maria says

    These are sweet, creative and easy tutorial for beginning learner like me, I feel very lucky to find and to be lingking. thank you very much.
    Bravo Runo….

  2. Mahogany says

    this doll is cute and i have not made the doll yet, but i plan to, out of some skin colored fleece that i have. every time i get a softie or rag doll pattern, i make many of them in all different patterns and skin tones. my dolls have a large array of clothes, and next week i’ll put all of my recent patterns on my brand new blog. someone please respond!

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