From my studio last week: April 12, 2011

So this week’s studio recap is a day late.  I had planned on writing it up yesterday, but the one item that I made last week was in the wash and it took until today to get it clean and dried. 

When I saw this tutorial from Making It ImMACKulate for a little girl’s spring top with a ruffled button placket, I my first thought was, “What a cute shirt for a little girl!”  And then my next thought was, “And what a cute shirt for ME!” 

Seriously.  There’s no reason why this little girl’s top wouldn’t look good on a grown-up.  My sewing project last week is my first run through Making It ImMACKulate’s spring top, with a slight modification. 

Instead of a woven, I used an old knit shirt that was in the donate pile for my test run.  If it wasn’t going to work, I didn’t want to waste any of my good fabric. 

The stretchy fabric meant that I didn’t need to put the ruffled button placket down the front.  It’s super cute but I wanted to check the basic fit before putting the time into stitching down ruffles and buttons and loops. 

But without the ruffled button placket, the front looked a little plain.  I added a bit of chocolate brown ribbon – it’s mostly sheer with sparklysequins sewn here and there.

Other than the fact that I cut it a little bit too short, I am sooo happy with the fit on this shirt!  It’s loose through the midsection, but not so loose.  That’s important for pear-shaped girls like myself.  With larger hips and smaller shoulders, there’s a fine line between easy-breezy and “Are you expecting?” 

I’m definitely going to be making more of these for myself, maybe out of wovens and definitely with the pretty button placket.


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