From my studio last week: April 4, 2011

My sewing plans for last week included a home dec tutorial and a little something for myself.  That plan only partially worked out. 

The home dec item was the ridiculous TV Tutu that I shared with y’all on April Fools’ Day.   Even though I think it’s pretty clear at the end of the tutorial that this pink fluffy mess was just a joke, I feel the need to say it again here – I really really don’t want the world thinking I might actually want to have that hanging around my TV!!

As for the “little something for myself”, that didn’t get done.  Instead, I made a heart wall-hanging for a local charity art auction.  I thought the deadline was this week, but it turns out that it was last week.  WHOOOOPS!! 

Actually, the tight deadline worked in my favor, as I didn’t have time to hem and haw and second guess myself. 

The challenge for the auction was to use a plywood heart shape as the basis for a piece of art.  I made a mini-quilt on a piece natural linen that I then wrapped around the wooden heart  base.  

My inspiration was something that the little girl told me one night several years ago, as she was snuggling into bed with her favorite stuffed kitty:

Anyone you love a lot and can’t sleep without is your family.

Oh, my little wise child!   

And do you see that illustration of the child in bed?  The headboard with the heart cutout? The kitty in her arms, the window with the moon?  That’s also from my little girl. 

Though I can sew, I don’t have much confidence in my ability to sketch.  So I asked for her help, and the confident little 7-year-old obliged.  She quickly drew out an illustration, giving me tips and encouragements along the way.  For the headboard, “just draw an ‘n’ with an extra stick”.  And, “it won’t look right until you add the accessories.”  She kills me!

I ended up re-drawing her illustration to clean up the lines and adjust the scale.  But her detail and sense of perspective are what I think makes it so cute. 

 So that wraps up my studio recap for the week. 

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And be sure to check out all of the Helping Japan auctions we’ve got going on right now.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army to help with relief efforts in Japan.  I’ve got two sets of sewing books up for auction (Go to Set 1Go to Set 2.), but there are also awesome items from all of our crafting areas.

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