From my studio last week: June 28, 2011

Lots of work happened in my studio last week – mostly of the cleaning sort, not the sewing sort.  I’d share a photo of the “after” but it’s still far less than impressive.  The piles are still there, they’re just more  contained.  I still risk life and limb trying to walk around that room in a long skirt.

I did get a couple of projects completed yesterday. 

First, a new dress for the little girl. 

Her closet is SO full of dresses right now that I could hardly justify making this.  But who says clothes have to always be practical?  And the fabric was far too fabulous to sit in my closet any longer.  It’s from the Fifi and Fido collection by Anna Griffin.  (It’s one on the right on the top row.) 

My OCD tendencies kicked in right about the time I started cutting out the dress.  At one point I had the grid ruler and the temporary pen to mark a perfectly straight line on the fabric where I planned to cut out the dress.  I also got a  little bit obsessive about my gingham – I had to have it cut perfectly straight across all those little squares. 

It serves me right that even with all that obsessing the dress turned out to be roughly a size too large.  I took a couple of tucks in at the side and now it fits just nice, with the added bonus that I can rip out those tucks in a year or two get a little more wear out of the dress.

I also ran up a quick pair of panties last night.  I don’t know that these need much explanation, except for that I love how they’re all kind of plain on the front and all “wow” on the back. 



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    That is such a cute dress, and as a fellow perfectionist/ocd, I appreciate the extra time you put in to make sure everything was perfectly straight!

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