Giveaway: Elna Sew Fun sewing machine

This giveaway has closed.  The winner is commenter 168, Jessica, who said:

I liked Elena on Facebook! What and awesome giveaway!!!

National Craft Month may be nearly over, but we’ve got an awesome prize lined up for this last week.

An Elna Sew Fun sewing machine!!

This little machine is great for someone who is wanting to learn how to sew.   It sticks with the basics so a beginner won’t  be overwhelmed by too many choices and too many knobs.  At the same time, it’s got everything you need for most sewing techniques.  The small size also makes it perfect for carrying with you to classes or sewing play dates with friends.

Get the full details on the Elna Sew Fun.

Here’s how to get yourself entered:

1.  Visit the Elna Facebook page and “like” it.

2.  Come back here and leave a comment on this giveaway post telling me that you’ve liked Elna’s facebook page.

Now for the rules:

The giveaway is US residents aged 18+ only.  Only one entry per person, please.  Deadline for this giveaway is midnight CST on March 31, 2011.  A winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries on Friday, April 1, 2011.

Good luck!!!


  1. says

    I have commented on the Elna page. This would be perfect for me! I’ve been thinking about picking up sewing but didn’t know if I wanted to invest in a machine right now or not… Fingers crossed.

  2. Jennifer Lucas says

    Wow! This would be a nice prize to win. I have “liked” the Elna FB Page and left the link on their page. Thanks to CraftGossip – I LOVE THIS SITE!

  3. Lyn says

    Elna was my first sewing machine! I loved it! It was a model from the 50’s and eventually I needed to update. I’d love to have a new one.

  4. Tanya P. says

    I “liked” Elna facebook page and have left the comment on their fb page as requested! Sounds like the perfect machine for me to learn to sew with!!

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  5. says

    I “liked” Elna Facebook page and left comment. I would so much love to win this machine. I am teaching my granddaugters how to sew and it would be a perfect machine for them. I am so glad to be connected to this website.

  6. Denelle says

    Oh, Id love to win this. Been wanting to learn to sew but haven’t had the money to buy a machine. Thanks, I love craft gossip!

  7. Cheryl H. says

    I commented on the Elna page. Now wishingful thinking. Hope to win. I really don’t like my current machine. Wish me luck! Love your page!

  8. Kelley Fogle says

    I want to win the Elna Sew Fun Sewing Machine from Craft Gossip! It’s perfect for me and my girls for the types of crafting/sewing/jewelry projects we enjoy together! I also ‘liked’ your Elna Sewing. Machine Facebook page! What fun!

  9. Annette says

    I like Elna’s page and left the comment as directed. I’d love to win this; I need a new sewing machine! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Alyce Che says

    I made a comment on the Elna Sew Fun fb page.
    I’ve been researching on a good sewing machine to start with, and this looks like it could be the one!

  11. Debbie Rogers says

    I have left a comment on Elna facebook wall. I want to start sewing. I’m imagining all sorts of things I would love to sew. My mom sewed when I was little and made so many wonderful accessories for the home. Good memories. I want to do that for my own home.

  12. Melinda H says

    I liked and commented! It would be great to have my own sewing machine so I don’t have to keep borrowing my mother-in-law’s!

  13. Bethney says

    I commented at Elna’s page! Would love, love, love to win! I come from a long line of dress makers & seamstresses, but do not know how to sew. :( I have been looking for the perfect sewing machine to learn on & this looks like it! Keeping my finger crossed!

  14. Sandra K says

    I “liked” the Elna facebook page and commented for this giveaway. Hope I win! Love to be crafty with my sewing machine…and an extra would mean I won’t have to share with my daughters. They can have their own!

  15. Stephanie Garavaglia says

    I just entered on the Elna facebook page. I am so excited and would love to win as I am a beginner with lots of ideas!

  16. heather Doak says

    I just found out today that my elna from 1979 is broken and too old to fix. I’d love this machine to replace it! And I posted on facebook’

  17. Millie says

    I liked the Elna page on Facebook! I would love to win this sewing machine since I’m a fashion design major!!

  18. Mary Sue says

    “Like” Elna on Facebook! I would love a new machine to be able to take with me when I go to Wisconsin.

  19. susan says

    I “liked” the Elna page,and I thanked them for the chance to win! This wud be so perfect–i have multiple different-abilities(lol) and it would be so great and EZ! 2 tote to folks’ nursing facility for repairs,alterations,crafts for their room…oh,my can I think of Fun!

  20. kelly heger says

    Would love to win this machine. Have a daughter who wants to learn to sew just like all the other women in our family

  21. Lucia Napolitano says

    I liked Elna on Facebook! I want to learn how to make a quilt, and this machine looks like a perfect place for me to start!

  22. Adrienne says

    I “like” ELNA FACEBOOK PAGE! Ive been interested in sewing for such a long time, I just cant afford a machine! Would love this amazing machine! :) ***** five stars!

  23. nangy says

    I liked on ELNA facebook page,I would love to win this for my granddaughter,she is learning to sew and we could sew along side each other.Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  24. Mary K says

    I commented on your Facebook page. My granddaughter is so anxious to have her very own sewing machine. This would be perfect for her. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Mary K

  25. Angela says

    I like (d) Elna! With 2 girls learning to sew in my house I would use a new machine so that I can sew more!

  26. says

    I’ve “liked” Elna on FB! Would be so nice to have a beginner sewing machine so that I can teach my neices how to sew. So cute that they have such an interest in watching me sew, just love it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. Stacia says

    I liked Elna facebook page! This would be purfect fo me. If I win then my sister will be able to get her sewing machine back. I have had it for almost a year. lol

  28. Judy says

    I liked Elna’s facebook page when I visited. Thanks for this giveway. Would be great to have in the house.

  29. Ricki Duke says

    I liked Elna on facebook and left a comment. Love to win this to give to my granddaughter to teach her to sew.

  30. Laura K says

    “Liked” Elna on Facebook–hoping to win the machine for my little girl who desperately wants to sew!

  31. Casey R says

    I liked the page and I love to sew. This machine would be a great upgrade from the one I got when I was 16. :)

  32. Carol A. says

    Liked on FB. My machine is on it’s last leg! This would be great, since a new machine is hard to fit into our tight budget!

  33. says

    I don’t “do” facebook, but I would love to win this so I could give it to my best friend who desperately wants to learn to sew!

  34. Diane Broach says

    I went to to the elna facebook site and liked it. You have a good site and thanks for the chance to win a sewing machine.

  35. Jo says

    Cookie Tstr
    Elna is one of the best machines out there…have used most brands, would love to have a new Elna
    2 seconds ago · Like ·

    LOVE the Elna!!! I’ve been sewing most of my life from jackets for the dogs, blankets for the horse, clothes for my kids. Oh, and I quilt as well! I’ve wanted a Elna for years, could never afford one … About the only thing a Elna won’t do is make your coffee in the morning.
    Of course, if I win, no one will get me away from the sewing machine for months to come and I’ll probably need new glasses from squinting because of the lack of sleep….but boy would it be fun!!!

  36. patty says

    love to have i do alot of sewing my machine is falling apart i always have to stop to fix it love to have thanks

  37. says

    I would love this for my grand daughter… she loves to sew ( and it would keep her off my machine!). I have “liked” Elna on Facebook so please enter me in the giveaway!

  38. Vena Oliver says

    First, thank you for introducing me to a new site! the Elna page will be visited by me too now. Second, thanks for a chance to win this fabulous machine, it will be a gift for my 12yr. old niece who is just learning to sew!

  39. Anita A says

    I have “liked” the FB page. Would love to have this. Have a friend who wants to learn to sew and this would be great for her to learn on! Great Giveaway!

  40. Julie says

    ahhh, Elna, How I “LIKE” you, let me count the ways…the ways i could whip up projects that sit dormant waiting for me!!

    Please make my humble table top your home! ;]

  41. Linda Hellmann says

    Was just on your facebook page! I have been sewing since highschool but haven’t in years. It would be great to get back into it with this machine.

  42. Sheri Morgan says

    I liked Elna on their facebook page, and I would love to win this machine for my daughter and grandaughter. My daughter is attempting handmade things, but would like to machine sew, my grandaughter is 11, and expressing interest and this would be perfect!

  43. Dennis says

    I liked on Elena on there FB page. I would love to win this for my grand daughter. She is 12 and wants to learn to sew.

  44. Rita J Munoz says

    I would love to win this machine so I can use it this summer in a “sewing camp” for kids at my church.

  45. Martha Patterson says

    I liked elena on FB, Just wanted to say I love Craft Gossip, I am always bookmarking websites for projects to do. So many to do so little time. Almost every day a new project to try. Thank you for all you do.

  46. Sharon Sink says

    Let’s try again. I did go to facebook and left a remark. As I said, my first good machine was an Elna and I still have it.

  47. Cathy Hammond says

    I would love to win this nifty Elna sewing machine. I checked out the brochure and all of the information about this machine and it is a simple great machine. My sewing machine is possessed!! It won’t hold the tension – it has a mind of it’s own and is a nervous wreck and has it’s own tension. I’ve had it in the shop enough that it has separate anxiety!! What I liked about the Elna machine was the simplicity and yet it does what I need in a machine. Nothing too fancy just the wonderful finish of a blanket stitch and several other stitches that I like. I would love to win this great little machine.

  48. susan says

    I dont think my comment “took” yesterday-sometimes I hate my phone&it’s all I have2work with :( BUT I DID LIKE ELNA&COMMENTED ON THEIR FB PAGE! 😀 actually I love Elna prods,and tho I already sew, I also have developed multiple spine & “arthur” (itis) conditions. This little beauty could go with me to Momma&Daddy’s nursing facility for mending,altering,crafting…omg I cud actually *carry* something to help them&make them feel more “homey”! I used to take my machine home & fix/alter/make for them….i can’t bear that I can’t take care of them…so I am PRAYING (literally) I can do this for them. Silly to pray for a “sew’chine” as little me called it? Nope? Sickly me bn waiting 2yrs for SS. Can’t buy TP. Web free w phone & I thank Him… And ThankYou CraftGossip&Elna for the chance!

  49. Fran DeWItte says

    I clicked ‘like’ for Elna’s facebook page. The machine looks great for going to class…just the right size. always has the greatest giveaways posted.

  50. Gina says

    I “liked” Elna’s FB page :) It would be nice to have a sewing machine that would be easier to take to sewing get togethers

  51. ChrisTea says

    I liked the Elna FB page. This machine would be perfect for me. I don’t have a sewing machine now and really need one for some projects (can’t afford to buy one). Thank you for the chance.

  52. judi says

    Liked the Elna facebook page! I would love to win so I can give my machine to my daughter. She is studying fashion design and doesn’t have a machine of her own yet.

  53. Lindasew says

    I left a comment on the Elna Facebook page. I am looking for a basic machine on which to teach my granddaughter to sew. She’s only 5 but is loving to do crafts. Sewing doll clothes is how I started sewing when I was 7, so I really think she’ll be ready for a simple machine soon.
    Elna makes a quality machine and that means a lot when you are just beginning. It’s easy to become frustrated with something that doesn’t work very well!

  54. Rebecca Cousins says

    I liked their page! It would be so much fun to win this machine! Perfect for teaching my kids how to sew! Thanks.

  55. Kathy Woelk says

    I enjoyed the photos of the various machines you have. I need to upgrade my machine(more like junk my 40 year old machine) and the I like the looks of the ones you have for sale. I friend of mine who sews a lot just bought the one you are giving away and says she really likes it. Does all the basic things she needs to do with it. That is why I looked your site up in the first place.

  56. Jolene Bates says

    I liked the Elna page on facebook and left a comment. I would love to win this machine. I am struggling to make ends meet and am hoping some sewing of recycled things might help me be able to sell some stuff and make a little money.

  57. Julie says

    I like Elna’s FB page. This is great for me. I have no clue how to sew but I would absolutely love to learn! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  58. Patricia Gagalis says

    I would love to win this for myself so I could sew a little. I use to sew some but I don’t have a machine anymore.

  59. Christine says

    I love this machine it reminds me of my first Singer…which has sadly rusted due to many military moves and storage…..

  60. says

    I would LOVE to win this. My mom was given a ELna 30 years ago…. it worked well for so many of our sewing projects through the years and only was serviced twice… amazing!!! I would love to teach my girls to sew on this:)

  61. Cheryl Zank says

    This machine sounds like just the right one for me to reconnect with sewing as a hobby. Thanks for the opportunity to win this machine for me and my daughter to craft together.

    I left a comment on the Elna facebook page.

    Thanks for the contest!

  62. Nikki Wright says

    I like Elna’s FB page. I recently started a beginning sewing class and would love to have a sewing machine at home so that I could practice outside of class.

    Thanks a bunch!

  63. Cyndi Hannahs says

    I’ve only just started sewing at 45 years old and I’m so excited to learn. I’ve been hoarding fabric for a couple of months now.
    So I’ve likey’d Elna!

  64. Mia says

    I’ve been to their page and I LOVE IT, however there is no LOVE IT button so alas…I did check the like button.

    This is such a wonderful contest! Thank you for giving us all a chance to win some truly awesome prizes!!

  65. says

    I liked the Facebook page, and will look into things further (when it’s not so late here!) I have oodles of ideas of things i want to sew, the machine is what I’m lacking. thanks for the opportunity!

  66. says

    I’ve been to elna’s facebook page and gave them my “like”.
    Since I’m a granny with failing eyesight I know that if I won this cute machine I would be giving it to my daughter as she has 4 children, lots of little garments to repair and no sewing machine to do it with. The Sew Fun would be perfect for her as she is a novice when it comes to sewing and a simple, uncomplicated machine would be ideal.

  67. stephanie says

    I liked Elna’s facebook page. It would be great to win this for my daughter, it would be her first sewing machine of her own.

  68. Meghan says

    I “liked” the Elna Sewing Machine page. It would be fabulous to win this so I’ll finally have a sewing machine of my own to make all the cool projects I find on Craft Gossip. Now I borrow my coworker’s but I’m moving away to work on a farm and won’t have one… Wish me luck!

  69. malkatz says

    I became a Facebook fan! (I “liked” Elna’s page.)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  70. Elise Reitsma says

    I have now “liked” the Elna Facebook page. The Elna sewing machine brings back wonderful memories of all the clothes my mom used to make for us. She still has her machine, but doesn’t use it as much.

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome machine!


  71. Laura >^_^ says

    “Like” -> Elna’s page!

    I’d love to win this machine since I currently am without a machine and have about a bajillion projects floating around in my head that I’d love to make.

    <3 <3 <3

  72. Linda says

    Liked the page! Would love to have my own machine to play around with, especially when I move out on my own in another few months.

  73. Jen Barkdull says

    I liked Elna’s FB page! I want to learn to sew sooooo badly and this looks like the perfect way to do it! :)

  74. Linda Cannady says

    I like (no LOVE) Elna’s facebook page. I would absolutely LOVE to win this most awesome sewing machine!

  75. Carla Gray says

    I would love the opportunity to win the lovely sewing machine. I liked there site on FB! What a great way for me to learn more about sewing!

  76. Mary Coleman says

    Hi, wow….this is a wonderful little sewing machine. This would be a great start for me to re-learn on. My mom said she would even help me.I love sewing but don’t have the money for one right now.Thanks for the chance to win this. I LIKED your page. Thanks again. Peace <3

  77. Maija Bowens says

    I tried to “like” Elna’s page, only to discover I already did!!! I would love to have this machine for my daughters!

  78. Jacque says

    I love the Elna site. I have had an Elna for the past 22 years and it still runs like new. I would love to win one to teach my daughter how to sew on.

  79. mary r says

    I liked & commented on Elna’s facebook page, thanks for another chance at a great prize, love your website :)

  80. Sholauna Stautz says

    I would so love this, my cheap $50 machine gets the job done, but with lots of snags and bobbin adjusting!!

  81. Bridget Connolly says

    I taught myself to sew a few years ago and it is amazing! I would love to win an Elna sewing machine – it would make my life so much simpler :)
    I went and liked the “elna sewing machines” fb page!

  82. Julie Barnett says

    I liked their page. I would love to give this machine to my daughter who likes me to make her own tote bags. Haha. She could make her own with her own machine. :)

  83. melissa dahan says

    I’d love to win the Elna, i heard great things about it! I love your site! I also left a comment on elnas facebook page :) Pick me please :)

  84. Rachel says

    I “liked” the FB page. I could really use this machine. I am very short and never find pants that do not need altering. I figured I could save some money on tailoring by trying it myself :)

  85. Pam Lucas says

    I left this comment on Elna Sewing Machine’s Facebook page…I would love to win this sewing machine. ? I learned to sew when I was 12 years old. I am a petite person and have always had to hem my clothes. I do alterations for a living now and I am also teaching my daughters and granddaughters to sew. It would come in sooooo handy !!! Bless you ?

  86. Mixolidia says

    I “liked” the Elna Facebook page & left a comment just in case. I would love to take this little machine home. I’m just learning to sew but do not have my own machine.

  87. Angie Long says

    I have “liked” the Elna facebook page! I would love to win a new sewing machine! I am an experienced sewer, but have been using my first cheapo one that I have had for years!

  88. says

    Would be tickled pink to win this machine; the one I am *using* was given to me when I went away to college in 1986. It’s on it’s last leg 😉
    thanks for the opportunity!
    Kim T.

  89. says

    Oh, what a great opportunity to win a sewing machine that both my girls could learn on! How exciting! 😀 I have “liked” on Elna FB page, and wishing everyone BEST WISHES!

  90. says

    Oh, you bet I entered and went over and liked the page (as 504 Main). I would love a new sewing machine…and oh my they have some lovely ones!

  91. Satvika says

    I liked Elna Sewing Machines on Facebook.. I would love to win this… I recently developed a great love for sewing but not sure what to buy and whats right for me.. I have not won any giveaways before.. but hope I win this.. fingers crossed..

    Thanks for the giveaway !!

  92. Sierra says

    I “liked” the Elna Facebook page. I would love to win this machine. It would be my grand-daughters first machine and a great one to learn how to sew on. Thanks for the opportunity!

  93. Amiya says

    I’ve liked the Elna FB Page! I would truely appreciate having this machine for my daughter who constantly begs for me to teach her how to sew, you know nowadays money is scarce!

  94. Tina says

    I’ve been on the Elna page & “liked” it! Looks like a great machine! I would love to win a new one and teach my daughter to sew!

  95. Lubna says

    I liked it on facebook. Would love to win this, my current machine is really old and doesn’t work well.

  96. Kris says

    I liked Elna on FB – this would be an awesome machine for my daughter who is learning how to sew. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  97. Denise says

    i liked the Elna facebook page…. I am really in need of a new sewing machine. My daughter and I have just started sewing with liberty Jane and we are loving it but my sewing machine is very bossy it only does what it wants to do… So this contest is just amazing… Winning this would be GREAT!!!! :~)

  98. Kimberly says

    I’ve “liked” Elna’s webpage!….Would LOVE to win a new one so I could “retire this antique!” Sewing is my stress relief! Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Kenna says

    I liked the FB page (how did I miss that before!) and would LOVE to win this as I have two daughters who have recently discovered the joy of sewing!

    • says

      Carol, I haven’t posted the winner yet. I was planning on doing it yesterday, but the day somehow got away from me. It’s absolutely on the calendar for today. –Anne


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