Giveaway: Silhouette digital cutter!

Kathleen from Grosgrain and The Tumtum Tree has a most fabulous giveaway going on at her blog right now.  One lucky reader will receive a Silhouette digital cutting machine!! 

The most obvious use of a digital cutter is cutting scrapbook embellishments, but did you know that you can use one to cut vinyl for iron-ons and freezer paper for stencils? You can even use it to create templates for hotfix rhinestones!  (Okay, so I had never heard of a rhinestone template until I saw the instructiosn on the Silhouette site, but it’s so cool that that alone make want one… ) 

Deadline is August 31, 2010.  Head over to Grosgrain to get the details and enter the giveaway.  And be sure to scroll down to get the coupon code so you can order one for yourself at a discount if you don’t win the giveaway…

[photo from Grosgrain]

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  1. beverly from Green Gracie Home says

    I finally broke down and bought one with the last round of discount codes and started playing with mine…it is amazing the different things it can do (that I see on other blogs)…almost like a sewing machine or computer, hard to use all of its potential!

  2. Ann Bertling says

    I have been look at these and just giving a big sigh, what I could do with this… Maybe I can go to the tyme machine and really buy some time!!!

  3. Doris E. Lassen says

    Sempre tive vontade de ter uma máquina Silhoueta dessas, mas como o dinheiro não dá só mantendo a esperança em sorteios. Pensamento positivo, vai q é dessa vez.

  4. MaryLou Barnett says

    What a great idea! This could be used to enhance clothing as well as items in the kitchen, shop and even the bedroom. I’d love to have this

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