Giveaway: Craft it Forward $5 gift card to Michaels

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It’s Random Act of Kindness Week, y’all! And Michaels is helping us celebrate.  Because what better way to spread a little cheer than with a handcrafted surprise?

As part of their Craft it Forward program, they sent gift cards to crafty bloggers so we could make a project to inspire others to Craft it Forward.  My projects all benefit the Little Rock Animal Village Check out my post to see the kennel mats I made using t-shirts purchased at Michaels.

On Sunday, February 17, 2013 they’ll be giving away gift cards to people shopping in their 1,100 store locations across the U.S. and Canada. Their hope is that the lucky recipients will Craft it Forward and use their gift cards to buy supplies to make a random act of kindnes to someone else.

They also sent me some $5 gift cards for me to give away to Craft Gossip readers.  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here telling me something you’d craft to bring joy to someone else.  If you need inspiration, check out the Michaels Random Acts of Kindness Pinterest board to see what other bloggers have made to Craft it Forward.  I’ll choose 5 comments at random as the winners.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 20, 2013.



  1. Sarah says

    I have been crocheting hats for others. Anywhere there is a need, I want to contribute. My most recent contributions were to the New York Hurrican survivors, the premature baby hat organization in Africa and local cancer patients in my town and my mom’s. I would use this card to buy yarn to continue making hats for those in need.

  2. says

    Great giveaway!! I knit scarves to donate to the Red Scarf Project, an organization that sends care packages (including a red scarf) to college students who have grown up in foster care. I think this is a worthy project and plan to continue to knit and donate scarves. Thanks!!

  3. Shirley Sendgraff says

    I would buy card stock and envelopes to make greeting cards to brighten peoples day!! And lots of cute embellishments so they are special for each person!!

  4. says

    Hi there, I have already just hosted a Pay it Forward event on my blog, so am planning to make zippered pouches, gardening aprons and perhaps some sewn jewelery, i.e., made with fabric yo-yo’s and beads for the recipients of the event.

  5. Lee says

    My college daughter and I would love to make cards and envelopes to give to assisted living and senior centers so they have cards to send! thank you!

  6. linda says

    I have crafted jewelry and necklaces/corsages to help people go to prom, raise money for children, and gave some pieces to help raise money for rent or for the family of a deceased artist. I love making things for friends and families too! Cards, sewn items, blankets :)

  7. karenladd says

    What a wonderful idea! I would buy a set of stamps to make cards for residents at local retirement homes in my area. I teach paper crafting to many of these seniors and I know that many do not have family anymore and would love to get handcrafted wishes for holidays and birthdays.

  8. Nancy D says

    I love to make small little gifts for a favorite, elderly aunt. Shes always given so much to me through my life, I enjoy telling her just how special she is!

  9. Katherine says

    What a fantastic idea! This is one of the best projects I’ve heard of in a long time. I love that Michael’s is bringing attention to this cool occasion. I hadn’t heard of it until now.

    I would buy resin. I already have molds and tons of inclusions – so I would put the money towards the purchase of resin so I could make jewelry sets to give to the battered women shelter. They definitely deserve to feel pretty – and like someone cares. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway…and thanks to Michael’s for calling attention to this cool celebration!

  10. Donna says

    I think I’d give it to my grandson as we are looking for things to make for his dad for his birthday. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. amyc says

    I make all kinds of things for people. Most recently I made a locker hooked wall hanging made of my inlaws clothing and gave to their daughters for Christmas.

  12. says

    I would buy some easy-care yarns for hats & scarves to donate to the local shelter. I also like Lee’s idea of making cards for assisted living residents to send — kudos, Lee!

  13. redcarousellion says

    I would buy some supplies that my niece and nephew can use to make cards that they can giveout to their elderly neigbors

  14. Laurel Rieger says

    Very cool that you should choose an animal shelter for your charitable contribution. I have recently begun volunteering at my local SPCA and I work with kids so I, too, have been gathering ideas for my kids to make items for the SPCA. I’d love to follow your example, should I happen to win.

  15. Rose Lef says

    I volunteer my skills to create a variety of hand made creations with some other women. The hand-mades are sold and the proceeds are distributed to about 9 charity organization. I would but supplies to assist in this endeavor.

  16. Rose Lef says

    I volunteer my skills to create a variety of hand made creations with some other women. The hand-mades are sold and the proceeds are distributed to about 9 charity organization. I would buy supplies to assist in this endeavor.
    (PS. this is edited to correct the word “but” to “buy”)

  17. Bonnie Cooper says

    I buy yarn and send to some lovely ladies who crochet scarves for soldiers overseas.. My grandson and I make bookmarks with RAK notes and put them in books at the library, a little surprise waiting to be found.:)

  18. Carla G says

    I’d knit up some ruffle scarves! Everyone loves them and thinks they are so hard & complicated to make, but they are simple. And everyone that I’ve given one to so far absolutely loves them. :)

  19. Theresa says

    I love crafting for the animal shelter. Recently I have decided to make crocheted caps/turbans for the oncology dept at the hospital.

  20. Marilyn says

    I love to make greeting cards for my friends and family. Each one takes a minimum of one hour to create so I know that everyone treasures the gift from my heart. (they had better appreciate

  21. Val McCarthy says

    I have started a crocheted baby blanket to donate to the local teen pregnancy center, I want to finish it & create more. A gift card from Michaels would help me buy supplies

  22. Eden says

    I would buy some ribbon to make rose clips to give away to all little girls. Everyone deserves to feel pretty and a cute little clip will go along way.

  23. says

    My husband and i travel in our motorhome but 6 months of the year we stay in a place where I teach painting. All my supplies come from Michael’s. I try to give each one something small when they leave the class; however, the canvas they paint is usually awesome. I sometimes have to put my own money in to buy canvas. The class, of course, is rewarding to that ladies/men see that they can actually produce something beautiful.

  24. lisaT says

    I would use it to purchase paper punches. I am crafting paper mache bowls to give as gifts, I’d love to experiment with shapes instead of strips

  25. Donna says

    My craft group made decorated spring clothespins with scrapbook papers and stamped with inspirational words. They are donated to the hospital to be used by women undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. They are used to hold the capes closed.

  26. says

    We just did Valentines cards for assisted living facilities in the area and are planning on dropping some Easter stuff next month. We have also started crochet/knitting for childrens hospitals.

  27. Cheryl says

    I would make cards for our soldiers overseas. And perhaps some little crayon/coloring book kits for the children in the homeless shelter.

  28. says

    I would buy more yarn to make more catnip balls. I have been making these for a while and plan on donating some of them to my local shelter.


  29. Catherine Z says

    I’m currently crocheting my way through a bunch of pretty yarn that my artsy mother passed along to me due to ALS limitations. It’s been going back to her (and others) in the form of gift bags, lap blankets, hats, etc. — I’m so glad I read this! I should expand my recipients list to local rest home (or ALS org?) – would make my charitable mom *very* happy to know her supplies were busy comforting others. Since It was always dangerous for us two to enter Michael’s for “just one thing,” maybe I’d better NOT win this one, though… could be a mighty expensive prize!

  30. says

    I would buy more fabrics to make more plushie, pouch,n brooch to give it as a gift for birthday. Im very happy if this gift make someone happy too

  31. Christa Dunn says

    After my three yr old son passed away from leukemia a few years ago, I love devoting my extra time towards crafting for childhood cancer awareness and the kids fighting this horrible disease. While hospitalized, my son was sent a beautiful handmade “prayer quilt” which was a cute toddler-sized quilt made with small lengths of ribbon at the intersection of each quilted block. The purpose was for each visitor to say a small prayer for my son when they visited and tie a ribbon when they did. This quilt remains one of my most treasured possessions and is a visual reminder of how many people loved and prayed for my little boy. So I find great comfort on sending similar quilts and quilted projects to other children fighting to beat cancer; thereby “crafting forward” this amazing gift to other families.

  32. Karen Kauffman says

    I would make hand balm for my office workers and patients(I work for a gynecologist). We are all experiencing very dry hands this year and everyone could use a lift this time of year. It makes you feel good when someone thinks of you. I will also take them to the breast cancer patient’s at radiology where I went for treatment last year. The staff were exceptional and I met some wonderful women undergoing treatment as I did. This would be greatly appreciated.

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