Giveaway: Foldover elastic from Hobovian

The winners of the giveaway have been announced.  Go here to see who it was.

One of my latest sewing obsessions is foldover elastic.  I  love, love, LOVE this stuff!!

I love that it’s quick and easy to apply – just fold it over the edge of your fabric and zig zag it in place.

And I love that you can get it in so many fun colors!!  You can find colors that blend with your fabrics, or go for contrasting colors that really POP.

I get my foldover elastic from Hobovian on Etsy.  She has fabulous selection – a whole rainbow of colors! – and very reasonable prices.  The pictures in this post show just a fraction of the colors that are available in her shop.  And because it can be hard to see true color on a computer screen, email her at Hobovian@ebay or Hobovian@etsy and she’ll send you free samples.

I used her elastic to bind the edges of the shirt in my Peek-a-Boo Shoulder Shirt tutorial.  I’ve used it to make my own panties, as well as panties for my daughter’s American Girl doll.  I have also seen foldover elastic used to make really cute hair accessories, or stretchy straps for a cami.  Ohhh, the possibilities!!!

Hobovian has very generously offered to give away a 25-yard pack of foldover elastic (5 colors of her choice, 5 yards each) to 10 Craft Gossip readers.  You read that right, there are 10 25-yard foldover elastic packs up for grabs in this giveaway!  Just think of all the projects you can make with 25 yards of foldover elastic!  Squeeeal!!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me what kinds of projects you want to try with foldover elastic.  Would you use it on shirts?  Skirts?  Panties?  Hair accessories? Something entirely different?  Let me know, and you’re entered.

I’ll use to select 10 comments at random as winners.  Deadline for entry is March 16, 2011.

[photos from Hobovian]


  1. Tiffany says

    Yahoo, I hope that I win a packet so I could use them to make a few headbands and for some diapers that I have been meaning to fix.

  2. Rachel Horne says

    I love all the bright colors of this elastic! This would be cute on little girl shirts. Then I could make matching headbands! So fun!

  3. Sara says

    Wow, this stuff is amazing. I was thinking of using it for tank tops / camis for myself. Love the giveaway!

  4. says

    Oh wow…love the pricing and amounts she sells! Those are some great deals. As for what I would use it for? So many options. I would start with some panties for myself and my girls. Then maybe some tank tops and skirts for the girls..maybe me Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. Cynthia says

    That looks like cool stuff! I live in the middle of nowhere, and have never even heard if this stuff! I can imagine 101 projects just from the description!

  6. Mel pi says

    i bought some recently to try to make some undie-like night time trainers for my son. That has yet to happen. But, I have, instead, used it to make gathered neckline tunics for my daughter and niece.

  7. Pamela Wall says

    I must admit I haven’t seen this in our local fabric stores. I want it! I sew for my grandson and my grandnieces so I can imagine edging for lots of knit items I make for them. Softer than a serged ribbed edging! I would guess that it would be easier to apply than other bindings for edge application. Perhaps….some pretty lingerie for me!!!

  8. amy in ne says

    Camis and panties!
    I have used it on diaper covers in the past too!
    This is GREAT stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Syd says

    It would be fun to use in headbands for my granddaughters. I think I would like to try it in my bags I make. How fun it comes in so many colors. Thanks!!

  10. Brandy says

    I’ve never seen this before, but I am intrigued! I make dresses and tops for my 2 little girls, so I would experiment with incorporating it there. Then I would make matching hair accessories. Cuz apparently you can do that too. (I just want to get a look at this stuff!)

  11. Shelly says

    I’d love to make a few headbands for my daughter, then make a ton of skirts for her and I. Plus, I think FOE would be great for finishing the sleeves of peasant shirts – I sew those a lot!

  12. Heathery says

    I had never thought of trying to make panties, but when you mentioned it, it got me thinking, lol! Now I kind of want to!

  13. Nina says

    I would use this to make cloth diapers for my two kiddos and then I would use some to make that awesome shirt!

  14. Rose says

    I prefer to wear skirts as much as possible, so this would be a boon to win. Also, I have four daughters – I would make skirts for them, as well.

  15. Megan says

    I would make *everything*! Chonies, skirts, headbands, some sort of crazy headgear for my dog…who knows!

  16. Michelle says

    I would make some skirts for my twin girls, and probably some cute headbands for their bald little noggins!

  17. Shelley says

    Oh how fun! I make lots of purses, and I would use this product to make elasticized pockets for my purses and totes.

  18. Paula says

    I have a friend who has been telling me about fold over elastic. I would love to try it with some skirts. :-)

  19. Misty says

    OMG, the things I could do with this are endless!! First I would make a gathered skirt for me, then maybe some baby gifts, and then some purses for christmas gifts.

  20. Lybbye says

    Love the peek-a-boo shirt idea – I want to try it! I would also like to try and make my own undies. My 5 year old daughter wants clothing for her dolls and from what I see about the fold over elastic it would be great for that.

  21. Mary Pat says

    Never used this before but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with. I have a giant stack of Chez Ami fabric begging to be turned into a summer wardrobe for my boy and girl — I’m sure I could use the elastic for all sorts of edge finishes. Would it work on swimwear?

  22. Kristie says

    I would love to try foldover elastic. I’ve never used it, but I’d start with skirts, pants and pockets. Thanks!

  23. Kate says

    Loving the colours! I’d use it to brighten up some plain t’shirts I’m making for the kids! And I’d love to try to edge some baby shoes with it!

  24. Shannon says

    I would most likely use the fold over elastic for hair accessories, but until you mentioned it in this post, I hadn’t thought of making panties. That seems like a great idea!

  25. Kathryn says

    I can just imagine the skirts I’d make for my baby girl using the foldover elastic – I am going to have to buy some if I don’t win it!

  26. Cathy says

    I would love to try them on “cot sheets” I own a daycare and I make cot sheets for the cots that the children have quiet time on.

  27. Erin says

    I have never used fold over elastic before and I am interested in trying it. I think my first project would be the peek-a-boo shoulder shirt and then look for additional project to try.

  28. Pat Drown says

    I don’t get to a fabric store very often most of them are a good hour away. I can think of a ton of things that I would love to try this on! I sew a lot for myself and my kids and grand kids and even my sister’s grand daughters in Florida!! So winning this would be so very nice!! Thanks for the chance!!

  29. Grandma G says

    I’m currently making doll clothes, and I’ll bet it’d work great for them, too! What a great selection in that shop! It’s going immediately into my ‘Etsy favorites’ bookmarks.

  30. says

    I AM LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVING my FOE……I use it on alot of items, Bibs, with my PUL, Underwear I make for my kids….its a great product that can be used all over the place!


    Shannon Margaret

  31. Amy in TX says

    I would use it sewing for my daughters, I’d really like to make their undies and the colored FOE would be perfect for that. I love the idea of using it for doll clothes, a great use for scraps! Thanks for sponsoring such a cool giveaway!

  32. Lynne says

    Nappies and skirts. I saved a cute skirt tutorial just the other day that suggested FOE for the waist band. It is awesome for binding nappies (diapers).

  33. RaDonna Murner says

    So pretty! Would be wonderful for making hairbands. I would also use it for the tops of the soda bottle covers I make.

  34. Jenny l says

    I love FOE!!! I just started making my kiddos underwear with old tee shirts and this would be the perfect thing to finish off the edges for my little girls. I also think I would use it for some headbands! How fun! Thank you!

  35. Eve says

    I have never used fold over elastic, but I do use elastic in skirts! I think I would use it in skirts and maybe headbands.

  36. sue snowden says

    Hi, this looks like such a great product !! Been wanting to use for necklines in tops and for homemade panties.

  37. Charmia says

    I can’t wait to try it on headbands and little girl outfits… My granddaughter is only 17 months and has a headband for every outfit I have made..

  38. Tanya says

    I’ve seen this used for headbands and would love to try it, I have a little girl who is headband crazy!

  39. Lisa Spencer says

    I have been dying to try tome t-shirt underthings, but my local fabric store doesnt care FOE! Yikes!

  40. Christina says

    I would use it for little girl headbands and maybe a shirt for my little guy too. Maybe a Cami for me

  41. Angela says

    I love the colors and I love learning about new ideas for sewing! I think I would start with your top pattern. Maybe one for me and one for my daughter!

  42. Barb says

    purse straps or bags for the redhat group I’m in,
    since I’m new and not sure of all the possiblities as I’ve not seen this before my brain is not working right now.. so would love to win some where I could see it and have fun coming up with ideas on what I could use it for and what I could make.

  43. Hennahands says

    I would totally use it for skirts and tops. I can make lots of strappy tops for my little girl. I love the colors they have.

  44. S Porter says

    I love this stuff. I have used it on cloth diaper covers for my baby girl. I would use this give away to make my sister’s youngest some potty training pants.

  45. royce says

    i have a lovely daughter and i keep making things for her …
    i would definitely utilize this for her skirts .

  46. Charlene says

    Oh! I would love to try hairbands – my daughter has curly, curly hair, and I hear foldover elastic makes the BEST hairbands – soft, yet holds well.

    And, doll panties, and, sewing shirts for my daugher, and….and…and…


    Thanks to both you and Hobovian for a great giveaway!

  47. Debbie Painter says

    I never saw this item before, it brings many ideas to me! I would definitely make head bands & elasticized pockets on purses, to name a few! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  48. Sonja says

    I would love to win this and make some tank tops for me and the girls, also I would use it on their t-shirts as well as panties. We only get black and white here…would love to get some colors.

  49. sarah says

    I have been wanting to try foe forever now! I would like to make interchangeable headbands and would love to try making underwear for my daughter!

  50. Julie Barkley says

    I am in, my head, making a list of all the stuff to use this for! I didn’t know about this type of elastic! First items on the agenda, baby stuff for my sister’s first baby due July 27Th!!
    Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!

  51. says

    My only grandchild is 15 months old and my head is spinning with all the cute things to use this on! Perfect for little bloomers for her under the dresses she can now wear as shirts. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  52. Belinda says

    Skirts & more skirts! Cami’s and likely a whole host of to be thought of projects :) Great give away! Thanks!

  53. Jaan says

    Bling it headbands for my baby grandneice. And why not have her own little shirt as you have shown. Is there really any end to using this foldover elastic?

  54. Astreia says

    Wow! I’ve never used it, but I have a little one that is about to potty training so the thought of making undies is very appealing!!

    Skirts are a crowd favorite with my house

  55. Paula says

    I have never used foldover elastic but would love to try it, maybe in a skirt for me!
    Thanks for the chance!

  56. Claire says

    This looks great, I would use it for my skirts and trousers. Also on my Grand daughter, she is so tiny round her waist that all her skirts and trousers never touch her when you get the correct length. She is constantly pulling them up, poor little thing.

  57. Ricki Duke says

    I have allways wanted to try this fold over elestic. I think on shirts and hair bows would be great. Maybe on little girl bloomers for under their dresses. Wow what possibilities. Love to win. Pick me please.

  58. TaMara says

    Just thinking about it makes my head spin with ideas! My favorite has to be clothes for my daughters with matching accessories. The elastic will make them so unique!! Thanks for giving the opportunity.

  59. clarissa says

    this stuff is amazing!!!

    i can’t wait to try it on shirts, especially on the cuffs of sleeves, and on pjs. it looks so comfortable! i could see making some awesome leggings with this stuff too!! YAY!!!

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  60. Nannette says

    would love this have 2 granddaughters and a grandson the things I could make summer clothes and new clothes for school

  61. Sarah says

    I would love to try this product on skirts. I love elastic waistbands and with this product I won’t have to be afraid to try elastic.

  62. Tammie says

    Wowzers!! This is too exciting!! I would use it on anything i could think of!! Totes, camis, i love love love trying out new crafts and applying new tools like this!! maybe even some crafty pants, even use it on my mini grab bags i love to make! oh my… so many many projects to use it on!! thank you!!

  63. Ness says

    Very hard to find FOE where I am – so would love to win! I would start with some nappies I have waiting to be finished and yep, probably headbands for my 3 daughters!

  64. Kandice says

    This would be great to make more diapers with…I have been wanting to use FOE but am a little bit scared of it because I have never actaully seen it in person! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. mdpitts says

    I have been dying to try making my own undies for a while now and I also plan on making a bunch of t-shirts for the summer and think the FOE around the necline might add a nice accent. I’d roll around in all that free elastic.

  66. Tamara says

    This stuff looks AWESOME!! I will have to check out the etsy store. I plan to make some skirts, hair accessories, tank tops and bags if I won.

  67. Fallon says

    Ohhhhh, How fun! I want to make Linen pants for the summer… i LOVE elastic. Maybe some headbands for my friends have girls this summer, um, jersey baggie shorts for my boys… so many ideas come to mind. I LOVE ELASTIC!!!! Thanks for the post on this wonderful invention!

  68. lyn lewis says

    Amazing, Ive never heard of it before! But since I have never yet manged to insert elastic in anything round ANY waist, that hasnt prevented folk from breathing …then this sounds perfect for me! Id use it on a skirt for me first, Ive had a gypsey pattern for ………………years! It must be back in fashion by now!

  69. Dennis says

    I have never seen this before. I would find some fun crafts to make with it. I hope I win so I can start playing with it.

  70. Flasun says

    It would be great to win one of the 10 packages of foldover that will be given away. Foldover elastic is a wonderful product that offers flexibility in constructing garments with a ready-to-wear appearance.

    I anticipate using the foldover elastic for:
    -lingerie such as panties, tummy cinchers and camisoles.
    -bias binding replacement around necklines, sleeves and even the bottom of blouses.
    -waistband replacement; this can be useful for sleepwear (pajama pants) waistbands because it will make them less binding and more flexible.
    -ribbing replacement such as long-sleeve binding; I prefer not to have ribbing on my sleeves, so this would provide some gathering while making it less binding.
    -decorative finishes for towels, caps, scarves and socks.

    Thank you.

  71. Muireann says

    I’d use it to make summer skirts – I have enough dresses but really need some more skirts, so this would be perfect!

  72. JD says

    I’ve been wanting to make a cute skirt for a while, but haven’t gotten to it. Maybe some fabulous elastic would be the little push i need?

  73. Linda says

    Skirts. Bracelets – add some beads or funky stitching and something great would be born. Wouldn’t it be fun to use some to make a play mat for kids – the car (for example) is permanently attached, but could move? Or a monkey in a tree. . . . Wow! Lots of fun stuff!

  74. says

    Thanks to Hobovian for the generous giveaway!

    I have a stack of t-shirts waiting to be transformed into some “new” panties for me! This would be the incentive I need.

  75. Sewsmiley says

    My sewing room is my favorite place and I spend a lot on sewing supplies, but I’ve never seen foldover elastic in my local store. I’m nervous about online shopping, however I love learning about new products -and getting free samples would be a bonus! I’ve read the prior comments, and this elastic sounds VERY versatile! I definitely want to try it for clothes for my granddaughter! Thanks for the chance and for the ideas!

  76. Dana Darr says

    Perfect – I have been trying to get the table clear in my sewing room so I can do some lingerie for myself…this would fit right in!

  77. Michelle jadaa says

    I luv all the new innovations that make sewing so much more fun now.Id love to try making some plus size lingerie also to do a no bulk neckline on some tee shirts :)thanks for the chance to win.

  78. Kathleen says

    Wow, great item. I could think of lots to do with it….skirts, shirts, undies, crafts. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  79. Marta says

    I have used many edge finishing techniques, but have been wanting to use FOE for a long time. This seems like the perfect opportunity! I love using knit fabric and my daughter is an avid gymnast. She is 12 and we both love to sew gym gear for her. We have made warm-up suits, gym suits, boy shorts, grip bags, and scrunchies. Thanks for all the opportunities to win great prizes!

  80. Shari J says

    I think I would try to make a skirt for my grandaughters, a journal closure holder, and some headbands for the girls. thanks for the chance to win.

  81. April says

    I have been wanting to try FOE to edge finish garments.. and possibly try to make some cute panties out of the stack of shirts I have upstairs.

  82. Jenny says

    definitely underwear. I’ve been wanting to tackle that for a long time, and I think this would give me a good opportunity!

  83. Heather says

    I have worked with some before to make the waist part of a skirt I made. I liked working with it. I would love to use more for headbands, shirts, and more skirts! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  84. Jane T in NW Louisiana says

    I would try to use this in making my great granddaughter something to wear. Since I have never even heard of this, I would want to experiment with some of it first and then decide how best to use it. Very interesting.

  85. Lori says

    I’ve been sewing forever and never knew this foldover elastic exists. I need to try some on tanks and tees for my lovely daughters. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  86. Vicki says

    I would use it on nearly everything I sew for my grandchildren.I can`t find it here anywhere.Thank you for the chance to win some!

  87. Helen S. says

    What an awsome find! I would make headbands and wristbands to match. I can’t wait to see how much faster some pattern of mine will go from useing this elastic.

  88. Jill Hubbard says

    I would love this to use on outfits I sew for my new twin grandson’s. Also have sewn my own panties. This would make it so easy.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Jenn post says

    I would use it to make short/skirts and pants for my lil girl who is growing out of clothes faster than I can buy them!!!

  90. Erin says

    Oh wow–what a great idea. There are so many things I would make with it–pants for my little girl, maybe a swim suit edge, headbands, and I am sure many more ideas will come to me when I use it!

  91. Bea O. says

    I’m going to use this for some crafts me and my buds would do. Probably hair accessories like head bands, clips and other more. I’ll also do some experiments with these stuff. THANKSS!!

  92. says

    What an awsome product! I’ve never heard of it before but it sounds like it would be great to use in place of bias tape on stretchy garments.

  93. Chris S. says

    I am really wanting to use this to bind off a bunch of knit tees for my little 3 year old. This seems like the perfect way to knock out more clothes in less time, which is one of my new goals!

  94. Bronwyn says

    I love making jersey dresses, and fold-over elastic is the best and neatest way to finish necklines, hems and sleeves.

  95. Tracy Nixon says

    Wow, never heard of it but the it sparks flashing ‘creativity light bulbs’ in my head! I’m always making dolls clothes and accessories for my two daughters and I feel this new elastic has great potential!!!……watch this space!

  96. Deanna says

    My daughter used fold over elastic for diaper covers but the bright colors would be great for most anything.

  97. says

    Boy am I out of the loop — never even hears of fold over elastic! I’ve been making clothes for my grandaughter using elastic still left in the sewing basket from when HER MOTHER was a little girl! I can’t wait to try this great new elastic!

  98. Kara says

    I’m planning on a making a jersey knit cardigan in black for myself. I think it would be a fun way to add detail and color. I would probably use it for baby clothes/headbands for my 3month old niece too. :)

  99. says

    Ohhh…I have twin 3-year old girls, who have a LOT of hair – and I would LOVE to use this to make hair accessories for them! (And, okay, to be honest, also to make a few pairs of pretty panties POUR MOI!)

  100. Beth Dash says

    What a great find! I would use this to trim the cute hats I’ve been making to wear while I’m bald from chemo!

  101. says

    I love this stuff:) It has been around in the tradition colors of white, black and nude for so many years, but it has made its’ introduction into the wonderful world of crafting, mixed media, scrapbooking etc. I love using it alone to make reeeeeeeeeeeally cute flowers. It can be fun and whimsical, or more serious and charming.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway and I will check out her site:)


  102. Paula Bond says

    Hi! I came across your site after googling “fold over elastic shirt”. Your idea is brilliant and I hope to have time to make some of those cute shirts for myself soon!

  103. Anne says

    I love the peasant type shirts I’ve seen done with FOE. (Yep, that’s right. I just used an acronym.) I’d love some elastic to try them out with!

  104. says

    I had never heard of foldover elastic until reading about this giveaway here at Craft Gossip! I would use it in some of my little knitted dance purse designs, maybe in skirt waistbands, and possibly in some sort of hat design. I also like the idea of making decorative flowers for knitted bags (or the hair, for that matter. Knowing about this making ideas dance around in my head!

  105. Ashleigh says

    I would love to try useing it. Not sure for what yet but I love new fun stuff to play with. It is hw I find insperation.


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