Review & giveaway: Crafty Girls Talk

The winners of this giveway are commenter #36, Penny, and commenter #102, Reine.  See the full announcement here.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn your crafty skills into a crafty business? Imagine if you could sit down with women who have done just that, maybe have a conversation over coffee, and listen to their stories. You could hear from them how they came to their craft, what their motivation is, and how they manage to get it all done. They’d tell you the biggest challenges – and the biggest rewards – of their crafty endeavors.

In Crafty Girls Talk, Jennifer Forest brings the conversation to you. She interviews 20 women who have built businesses around their craft. Her interviewees span the globe, from Australia to the United States and places between. She talks with knitters, sewers, embroiderers, and more who have followed a variety of paths as writers, designers, store owners, travel guides, etc. You’ll recognize many of the names, but you’re also sure to find some new faces new to you as well. The conversations are in-depth and honest.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to take your craft to the next level, or just want to learn more about women who have followed their craft, this is the book for you. Make yourself a pot of coffee or pour a cup of tea, and curl up with Crafty Girls Talk.

The Giveaway

Jennifer has a paper copy of Crafty Girls Talk and a Kindle edition to give away to Craft Gossip readers.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment here telling me the question you’d most like to ask someone who has turned their craft into a business. Please also tell me whether you want to be entered for the paper copy or the Kindle edition (or both). I’ll choose one paper copy winner and one Kindle version winner at random from the comments.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, January 30, 2012.


  1. says

    I’d love to be entered for both types of book please.

    My question is “At what point do you decide not to continue making a product? Do you have a rule of thumb for example – if something doesn’t sell after a month it’s out?

    Linda xx

  2. Reine says

    I would like to ask them how they found the courage to believe in themselves.
    I would like to enter for both editions, paper & Kindle as I’d be rapt to win either!

  3. Kathy H says

    I would ask how they keep their inspiration fresh and keep their enthusiasm long term, especially when times are slow… Be especially blessed, Kathy

  4. Teresa says

    Inspiration is a great question, but I would also want to know how they keep the business seperate from their own soul feeding creativity?

  5. Lynette Panozzo says

    I love sewing and embroidery. I have quite a lot of both. Do I sell by word of mouth or e-bay?
    I would love to win either paper or kindle.
    Thank you

  6. Kim Valentine says

    I too would really love to know how to anticipate what’s hot for the upcoming season, trends, colors, etc. I’d also like some real advice as to how to keep my books ie: cogs & raw materials & inventory.
    Thanks for this opportunity ~ I’d love a paper copy!

  7. Marilize says

    I would love to know how you get over the fear of failure? I have been making small scale things to sell at craft markets, but nothing so serious that if it fails, it’ll derail me. I want to take the next step and really go for it, but honestly, I am scared. Now what?

    I would love an entry for the paper copy please.

  8. Beth T. says

    I’d like to know whether the business aspect of your craft “wrecked” the creative/joyful aspect, or whether it enhanced your pride and brought a new level of joy.

    I’d like to be entered for the paper copy, please.

  9. Carmen says

    Do you try and follow trends when creating your crafts, or do you just make what you think will sell? (either version is fine with me)

  10. Roxy says

    Thank you for such helpful tips! How do you price your items? How do you know when to change prices? Or when prices aren’t selling?

  11. mary fanara coleman says

    I would ask how to I keep my creations unique and special. So I wouldn’t get tired making the same thing over and over.

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