Review & Giveaway pt 2: Singer 160 Limited Edition sewing machine

Editor’s note: The winner of this giveaway is commenter 914, Carleen, who said this machine is, “AWESOME!!”   Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!!

I’m back with part 2 of my review of the Singer 160 Limited Edition sewing machine.  (You can find part 1 here.)  It retails for $499 and can be found at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.

Yesterday I showed you what it looks like (pretty!) and gave a rundown of basic features.  Today I’ll share my thoughts about those features and of the ease of use.

Be sure to read all the way through the review, because at the end I’ve got an awesome surprise you won’t want to miss.

Features / Ease of Use

Let’s start with the threading.  In two words, it’s easy.  So easy, in fact, that the first few times I threaded it, I thought I had done it wrong because there were so few steps.  Most machines I’ve sewn on have a threading path that goes across, down, up, down again, and then through the needle.   The Singer 160 thread path is just a simple across, down, and through the needle.  Easy peasy.  (There’s an automatic needle threader to help thread the needle, but I’m a squint-and-thread-it-yourself kind of girl so I haven’t really used this feature.)

Now on to the stitches.  The Singer 160 sews smoothly (no lurching like you sometimes find on cheaper machines), and it handles curves beautifully.  The first project I sewed on this machine had tight curves, which I was able to stitch without difficulty.  The stitches are consistent.  I have not yet experienced any issues with thread tension.

It’s easy to change stitch length and width.  A couple of buttons on either side of the stitch display allow you to increment your stitch length or width settings up or down.  A small red light next to the stitch length or stitch width buttons indicates when you’re on a default setting.  (When you’re not on a default setting, the light is yellow.)

It’s also easy to change stitch types.  Each of the machine’s 24 stitches is shown on the front of the machine.  Just push the button to change to the stitch.  As an added bonus, it saves your stitch settings, so you can switch back and forth between stitches without having to adjust length and width each time.   I LOVE this feature, as I often switch between a straight and a zig zag stitch in my projects.  (Note:  This only works as long as the machine is on.  Your settings will be erased when you turn off the machine.)

A roomy accessory box is easy to access.  The accessory box gives plenty of space to store extra presser feet and small accessories.  To access it, you push a button and slide it out from the side.  I love this!!

A large sewing surface and a smooth front support larger pieces of fabric as they go through the machine.  The curved front helps reduce drag on the fabric.  One thing I particularly like about this model is that the sewing table extends to the left of the needle by over 7 inches.  (There’s roughly 6 inches to the right of the needle.)  A button at the back releases the sewing table giving you a free arm for sewing around arm holes, pants hems, and other small openings.

All in all, I’m very pleased with this machine.  It stitches smoothly and consistent.  It has all the features I need, without the added complication of features that I don’t need.  Changing settings and stitchesd is made easy with a touch of a button, and the extra sewing space is a plus.

Now that I’ve told you all about this sexy little machine, I can tell you my surprise…  You’ve probably already guessed it based on the title of this post, but humor me with a woot, woot anyway.

Singer is giving a Singer 160 away to one of my readers.

Wooot!!!!  Woot!!!

The Giveaway

To get yourself entered into the giveaway, leave me a comment here telling me one word (or two or three or more) to describe the Singer 160.  I’ll choose one comment at random as the winner.

Deadline for entry is midnight CST on Thursday, May 10, 2012.  Good luck!!!

One entry per person, please.  Giveaway is limited to U.S. residents.


  1. Susan Pizzolato says

    Both form and function are an inspiration to me….as a new grandmother, I want to sew.

  2. annee says

    Like great grandmas that she taught me to sew on. Simple, easily operated an d ne updates with no peddeling.

  3. ariane says

    So pretty!! Flashbacks!!! My grandma used to make us quilts with her old school sewing machine which looks kinda like this!

  4. Reni Daniels says

    I really appreciate your review. I am thinking of purchasing this machine and cannot find one to see in real life or anyone to talk to about it. I was wondering if you would mind answering a question. I have an old fashioned sewing table (yes, one with a foot pedal to power the machine, though I don’t use it). Does this machine have fittings on the back to be installed into a sewing table? If so, what are the dimensions? Thank you for answering these questions and for your review.

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