Review & Giveaway pt 2: Singer 160 Limited Edition sewing machine

Editor’s note: The winner of this giveaway is commenter 914, Carleen, who said this machine is, “AWESOME!!”   Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!!

I’m back with part 2 of my review of the Singer 160 Limited Edition sewing machine.  (You can find part 1 here.)  It retails for $499 and can be found at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.

Yesterday I showed you what it looks like (pretty!) and gave a rundown of basic features.  Today I’ll share my thoughts about those features and of the ease of use.

Be sure to read all the way through the review, because at the end I’ve got an awesome surprise you won’t want to miss.

Features / Ease of Use

Let’s start with the threading.  In two words, it’s easy.  So easy, in fact, that the first few times I threaded it, I thought I had done it wrong because there were so few steps.  Most machines I’ve sewn on have a threading path that goes across, down, up, down again, and then through the needle.   The Singer 160 thread path is just a simple across, down, and through the needle.  Easy peasy.  (There’s an automatic needle threader to help thread the needle, but I’m a squint-and-thread-it-yourself kind of girl so I haven’t really used this feature.)

Now on to the stitches.  The Singer 160 sews smoothly (no lurching like you sometimes find on cheaper machines), and it handles curves beautifully.  The first project I sewed on this machine had tight curves, which I was able to stitch without difficulty.  The stitches are consistent.  I have not yet experienced any issues with thread tension.

It’s easy to change stitch length and width.  A couple of buttons on either side of the stitch display allow you to increment your stitch length or width settings up or down.  A small red light next to the stitch length or stitch width buttons indicates when you’re on a default setting.  (When you’re not on a default setting, the light is yellow.)

It’s also easy to change stitch types.  Each of the machine’s 24 stitches is shown on the front of the machine.  Just push the button to change to the stitch.  As an added bonus, it saves your stitch settings, so you can switch back and forth between stitches without having to adjust length and width each time.   I LOVE this feature, as I often switch between a straight and a zig zag stitch in my projects.  (Note:  This only works as long as the machine is on.  Your settings will be erased when you turn off the machine.)

A roomy accessory box is easy to access.  The accessory box gives plenty of space to store extra presser feet and small accessories.  To access it, you push a button and slide it out from the side.  I love this!!

A large sewing surface and a smooth front support larger pieces of fabric as they go through the machine.  The curved front helps reduce drag on the fabric.  One thing I particularly like about this model is that the sewing table extends to the left of the needle by over 7 inches.  (There’s roughly 6 inches to the right of the needle.)  A button at the back releases the sewing table giving you a free arm for sewing around arm holes, pants hems, and other small openings.

All in all, I’m very pleased with this machine.  It stitches smoothly and consistent.  It has all the features I need, without the added complication of features that I don’t need.  Changing settings and stitchesd is made easy with a touch of a button, and the extra sewing space is a plus.

Now that I’ve told you all about this sexy little machine, I can tell you my surprise…  You’ve probably already guessed it based on the title of this post, but humor me with a woot, woot anyway.

Singer is giving a Singer 160 away to one of my readers.

Wooot!!!!  Woot!!!

The Giveaway

To get yourself entered into the giveaway, leave me a comment here telling me one word (or two or three or more) to describe the Singer 160.  I’ll choose one comment at random as the winner.

Deadline for entry is midnight CST on Thursday, May 10, 2012.  Good luck!!!

One entry per person, please.  Giveaway is limited to U.S. residents.


  1. says

    I love the nod to history and the antique look with modern functionality. Brilliant! I hope I win :) — my old brother needs to go into retirement!

  2. Margarita Cordero says

    I have been looking for an old Singer sewing machine, because it is the kind of sewing machine my dear Mother,now gone 13 years, had when I was a child and that I used to learn to sew. I seem to have a need to recreate my childhood home that was abandoned when we moved tote United States, following the american dream. Now that the 160 is available, I think having it will be the next best thing to try ang get an old machine that are is hard to find anyway.

  3. Jaime says

    Femme fatale (reminds me of the ladies in the classic film noirs, my favorite!)

  4. phr0gg says

    Great vintage looks combined with today’s tech and innovations, such a unique and thoughtful product!

  5. justina says

    delightfully inspring vintage.

    it looks like my old sewing machine that i first learned on.

  6. Kathie says

    It reminds me of the machine that my mom taught me to sew with. I soooooo want this Singer!

  7. KatieE says

    I know I’m not the first to say it, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind… ‘Vintage Modern’

  8. LAVINA says

    A great machine and I trust the Singer name. I have had mine for over 40 years and it is still sewing great, although not as easy as this one

  9. says

    Classic, chic, it is the “New” old look. Just the machine to turn out some vintage style garments with some modern twists! Lovely.

  10. Rayshaviolet says

    Gorgeous! Vintage looking without looking like grandmas! Looks like it belongs on a shabby chic table! I would love for it to be on my shabby chic table! ;)

  11. Alice says

    Hmm. Three words – simple, beautiful & powerful. This would be beyond anything I have imagined. Blows my current machine away!

  12. Aracely Morales says

    Love the vintage look combined with modern style. Will love to have this on my craft room.

  13. Stephanie E says

    Sleekly classic. I love the lines of it. The sewing machine doesn’t even really need a cover when it isn’t in use. It is gorgeous!

  14. Frances says

    This machine is sew beautiful-if it works like it looks I would be proud to have one. Winning one would be over the top!

  15. Claudia says

    Oh my, that is one beautiful machine. Wouldn’t I love to get my hands on that.

  16. Linda Noll says

    Brings back so many memories- so many outfits years ago. I can close my eyes and remember every one!!

  17. Kylie C says

    Almost Steampunk! (Just add some gear vinyls to make it Totally Steampunk!)

  18. Helda Montero says

    This machine makes me think of a gorgeous slightly older woman. You can see what made her beautiful when she was younger, but only as a part of what makes her beautiful now. Better with age!

  19. Tahzeeb says

    My mom has the vintage one and my grandma has one too.Wish I could have one…..

  20. says

    The Singer 160 Limited Edition is . . . gorgeously designed, lovely, retro, classic, fun, and it will look so cool in my sewing room!

    The Pfaff I have right now is super noisy.

  21. says

    This morning in Australia:

    Dani: “Awwwww!” :(
    Boyfriend: “What?”
    Dani: “The purdy sewing machine giveaway is limited to US residents!”
    Boyfriend: -_- “That’s not a legitimate sad thing.”
    Dani: :O “Yes it is! How dare you tell me what’s sad!”

    Hahaha :)
    Whoever wins is going to be so excited!

  22. Rachel says

    Did you FMQ with it at all?
    I’d love to own one, regardless of how it FMQ’s–it’s gorgeous! But, if it does well for quilting, it would be a total package.

  23. says

    Brings back loving memories of my grandmother and her Singer sewing machine. My grandmother and aunt taught me how to sew. I would like to teach my granddaughters when they get a little bit older.

  24. Rachael Herbon says

    Ridiculously Fabulicious! I swoon over this and hope that it will be mine one day :)

  25. Beverly Thomas says

    Love the vintage Mom has a singer that my father bought her when they married so I’m guessing it is 55-57 yrs old and it still sews

  26. Jeff duke says

    oh so sweet looking and the stitches are so amazeing , looks aren’t everything but this machine surely is . Grat’s to the winner
    your getting truely a great prize .

  27. Casey Harvey says

    Modern, vintage, beautiful, simple, elegance
    I love it and want it baaaaddddd! Peaze

  28. Ellen says

    Love the look and the simplicity of this great machine. It’s all you really need in a great package!

  29. Kelly says

    When I first saw this machine, my reaction was this: Wow! Lovely.

    I’m glad to see it’s more than just a pretty face.

  30. says

    Elegent! It reminds me of an old portable singer I have. What a wonderful give-away. I’d love to provide a home for it!

  31. Katrina Doyle says

    Reminds me of my great grandmothers sewing machine…. a lot of love was made from that machine.

  32. Kimberly Gallion says

    Steam Engine Train (It reminds me of a steam engine train) and it is awesome! I would love to win!

  33. Tammy M says

    I first laid eyes on it, and they weeped, its such a beauty! Reminds me of my vintage Singer. I am a Singer gal since a kid!! I am drooling thinking of all I could do with this updated model!!!

  34. june says

    “dream machine”, this would so put my 99 dollar machine to shame. I have to chase mine all over the table as it jumps about-lol. I am however very thankful to have a machine to create with.

  35. Cometgirl63 says

    it’s the modern twin to the one given to me by my mother-in-law! She brought her’s with her from Hong Kong many years ago and it’s waiting for me to have it serviced. In the meantime, I’m using a friend’s old Rikkar that she had in her garage.

  36. Kate says

    If it were a TV show it would be Downtown Abbey meets Modern Family! I love it!

  37. says

    The sewing machine I use for everything is a Singer, a 46-47 year old Singer and it still does the job. Would love to have this new/old one.

  38. Jenny Wik says

    This would be perfect for my 13 yr old daughter who is finding that she has a passion for sewing!

  39. CathyH says

    WONDERFUL!! I love the vintage look and just decorated a guest bedroom to also be my sewing room. This would be perfect in there. On top of that, my sewing machine died this winter, right when I was designing purses and had buyers for them. Singer is a machine I could rely on.

  40. says

    Mama wants me to have one just like hers! Except this is the newer, better version! Mama’s always want what best for their children! I would love to give this to my Mama for Mother’s Day!

  41. says

    So amazing! I have my husband’s grandmother’s vintage machine in my sewing room, as decor – this would be so wonderful to have next to it to use!

  42. Mrs Gail McComb says

    Beautifully timeless! I have been obsessing over this style ever since in first saw it on Pinterest!

  43. Jennifer G says

    Stylish! This machine looks so nice and your review makes it sound awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Betty says

    I love the old fashioned look with modern ease of use. Reminds me of the machine my grandmother had.

  45. Donna Worth says

    Ohhh, so very cool! I love the way it lookss and I’d love to have a machine the had a threader.

  46. says

    Love the vintage look. Singer has always been the best, well-made sewing machine. Learned to sew on a Singer treadle machine and have a Singer slant needle and a Janome, but always seem to go back to my Singer slant needle!

  47. says

    You had me at “drop feed”.

    Would love to trade my current machine, with the fussy backstitch button, for a new Singer that reminded me of my mom’s machine from my childhood.

  48. Linda Peterson says

    What a beautiful machine. Love the old fashioned look with all of the modern conveniences. Love the open arm.

  49. Jackie Morris says

    This machine not only looks great but I love some of the features. I don’t mind threading a machine but threading the needle is difficult for me because of my eyes. The ease of changing stitches sounds awesome and one I would love to play with.

  50. says

    What a lovely machine. Love that it honors the past but is the future. Thanks Singer for bringing her back.

  51. Pat morris says

    What a retro looking beauty. I have an old singer treadle machine that I’d love to put the new machine next to. Gorgeous! I’m currently sewing on a 28 year old singer. I need a new machine tp add to my singer collection.

  52. Gramma LaDow says

    Beings back some very sweet memories! Dear Lord, let it be me in the name of Jesus!

  53. says

    I saw this in the store last month and thought it looks terrific. Glad to know it works as well as it looks! It’s on my wish list for sure.

  54. Stephanie says

    I think, if I can only pick one word, it will have to be “Awesome!” That machine is beautiful, and since my stupid machine has been broken for months now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed… ;)

  55. Corinne Preis says

    So pretty! Reminds me of those special times sewing with my Grandma Viv!

  56. Amber says

    I saw this sewing machine at Joann’s in all it’s vintage gloriness and immediately thought: I NEED this machine!

  57. Karen Whitney says

    So sleek and classic! Would love to have this displayed in my crafting area…pretty to look at and functional! :-)

  58. says

    My Mom, because when I was a little girl she had the old one and this makes me remember seeing her pumping the peddle and sewing.Beautiful memory.

  59. Michelle says

    What great features! Great review.
    SEW many Projects.. SEW little time.

  60. says

    Rich looking! I’ve been drooling over this machine since I first saw it but unable to afford to purchase one. So glad to read your review and read how nice a machine it is. Thank you for the review and a chance to win a machine.

  61. Karen Schultz says

    This machine is any material girl’s DREAM!!! I’ts got that vintage look with all the mondern functions we want!!

  62. says

    I dream of free motion ability. I pine for large sewing surface. I yearn for an automatic threader. When I first saw a pic of the Singer 160 my breath caught and my heart stopped and I said to my monitor screen “One day, one way or the other, this machine will be mine”

  63. Sande Lyons says

    The modern version of my grandmother’s Singer that I was taught to sew on 54 years ago.

  64. Rosalyn says

    How I would love to win this machine. My mother recently passed on and I remember sitting next to her and watching her make my beautiful dresses on a Singer machine. What a great memory and if I had the machine, it would be a wonderful reminder of the times spent with my mother…how does it get any better than that!

  65. Janet Dickerson says

    Awesome! Awesome! I have an original one that was my aunt’s. Love it! Sew much fun if I could just win it!

  66. Anita Spargur says

    I still use my Mom’s Singer and am IN LOVE with this vintage look – spectacular!

  67. says

    I love the look…it is just like my Grandmother’s old machine. Of course when I learned on hers…it was without all the bells and whistles this one has!

  68. Nicole says

    Vintage-modern…what? It’s hyphenated, so it counts as one word! I swear it does!!!

  69. Lynn says

    It’s beautiful!! I love the old-fashioned look with modern features and ease of use!

  70. Joy Burt says

    This piece of art reminds me of watching my mom sew on her old pedal machine when I was only two years old. I would love to win it in honor of my mom who has passed.

  71. Liz Clark says

    ACK!!! I need it!!! I haven’t had access to a sewing machine for a year, since I moved, I need my own!! And this one’s soooo cute!!! I’d love to see how they made threading it that easily possible, that’s got to save a lot of annoyance :)Maybe I wouldn’t be so hesitant to switch up my colorful threads on solid color stuffed animals, haha :D

  72. Cathy says

    Love the vintage look. It takes me back to the way my mom’s sewing machine looked when I was a child.

  73. Lynn Hatcher says

    My Sadie(Singer 127) and Rosemary(Featherweight) would love to welcome this little beaut into our family…:-)

  74. Barbara Mars says

    Dearly love the vintage look, but with modern technology. I would love to own this machine!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Barbara in TN

  75. Diana Brito says

    Looks a little like your great-grandmothers singer, but soooo much better.

  76. SharonT says

    Pride and Joy!
    (In the brand, what the machine stands for and for the creative process.)

  77. Ramona Soberanis says

    Sewing machine of my DreaMs!I could never afford a beauTifuL sewing Machine like this.It wouLd make my yeaR if I can have this One :) iTs beauTifuL!

  78. Katie Irick says

    Singer is my machine of choice…I learned to sew on a Singer and own one now. This retro machine is the bomb with all the features of a today machine!

  79. Renee Nowakowski says

    Nostalgia! Dear vintage black retro chic Singer you are everything a girl learning to sew could want. Hoping and Wishing that dreams really do come true!

  80. tanvel says

    I bought an old dirty, parts missing Singer Stylist sewing machine, including the sewing table, at a thrift store for $15.00. Spent almost $100, having it cleaned, restored to wroking condition, and sent for a manual. I could not afford any of those fancy sewing machines that almost talk to you, I grew up watching my grandmother sew on hers and for me the only sewing machine that it’s worth spending any money on is a Singer. I wish I could afford this new beauty.

  81. Michelle Del Giorno says

    Ridiculously cool. I have a small collection of vintage machines, and the styling of this new machine really appeals to me in ways that other new machines do not.

  82. Chrissy Chandler says

    elouquent stitching made easy. Singer is tops from the first stitch to the finished seam. I love the retro look! I would love to win this. I would make so many blankets for the homeless community! Good luck everyone!

  83. Diane Brooach says

    Vintage but absolutely easy to use and so versatile in all your sewing needs

  84. Barbara Soto says

    The Singer sewing machine has always been an eye catcher. Ever since I was little I would see them in just about every home along with the sewing table / storage. We have a couple still in the family and they are still being used. I have a vintage Singer oil can that I could display with this machine should I WIN!

  85. smullis says

    Handwheel reminiscent of singer model 101. Decals classic singer. Black color (so much more appealing than white!) Yep it’s a real singer!

  86. Renea Tutt says

    I got my Singer Athena in 1977, I think I’m due for a new one. Love it!!!

  87. Joanne says

    Reminds me of Grandma’s–without the table attached. I used to play with the bobbins in the drawer! Beautiful, modern, and wonderful! Fantastic!

  88. Karen Weller says

    Easy to understand functions. Like the retro look.My favorite machine was a Singer from the early 80’s , the 2010. Haven’t found one as good as Singer since.

  89. says

    Is it so bad that my favorite “feature” about this machine is that it looks VINTAGE? It’s so BEAUTIFUL! But I also like the features that make it EASY and SMOOTH SEWING. If it’s anything like my Quantum 9960, I would absolutely love this machine.

  90. Amber says

    Everything old is new again!
    This is my dream machine. I have a collection of vintage singers.

  91. Jen says

    Vintage-inspired and sleek! But I agree with all the other comments here too (especially the Steampunk reference – I didn’t think of that one but totally agree).

    Good luck to all the entrants! :)

  92. Deborah Hunter says

    “Sew on me!” she purrs provocatively, giving me a come-hither glance that pulls me away from her serviceable, but less glamorous rival the Brother CS6000-i. I cannot resist, as she lures me in with her seductive curves and lustrous exterior.

    I must have you!

    I will name you Lola because whatever you want you shall have, you saucy minx!

  93. Emily C says

    Awesome! I still use my mothers sewing machine, which is Singer, but circa 1950’s. I really need a new one, but my budget does not cover the price.

  94. Marykay weaver says

    sorry I cant describe it in one word.

  95. says

    My Grandmother had one of these and told me it was the best machine she ever used. This one reminds me of her and what a sweet memory it would bring in my home.

  96. Jill B. says

    Those features are almost exactly the same as the brand new Singer Athena I bought last May… I’m so disappointed that this machine came out THIS year! I would LOVE to have one of these sitting in my craft room.

  97. Marge Wearing says

    Sewing is a very big part of my life. My paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother, mom and sister all are and were sewers! They were quilters before quilting was cool, and they also did garment sewing. Most of the these important people are gone. Seeing this machine reminds me of those days spent with the best people on earth! Adding this machine to my home will not only add sewing ability, but also add a great decorative touch! Thanks!

  98. Tammy Waggoner says

    Sounds like an AWESOME machine and I would LOVE to have a new machine such as this one!! LOve the review!!

  99. Kay says

    Wonderful! The beauty of those I learned to sew on with magnificient results!!

  100. JohnnieLynne says

    I really like the look of the Singer machine. It reminds me of the machines I learned to sew on in Home Ec. class.

  101. says

    Sewing is such a creative outlet that allows us to create masterpieces and share them with our friends and family. This machine us just dreamy and represents a wealth of possibilities yet to happen!!!

  102. Nancy W says

    Nostalgic charm with a modern edge! Love it looks great and to hear how wonderful it sews, well let’s say I want one :)

  103. Kathryn Patch says

    Reminds me of my Grandmother’s little black Singer featherweight machine. That was truly a gem and I am sure this one is just as wonderful. Singer has always given us a sewing machine that can be depended on for its’ fine workmanship.

  104. says

    Thought I was dreaming when I saw this. Was this a vintage looking(yet modern) Singer??? I had to look twice!!!! And now that I have, I am drooling….sigh!

  105. says

    Wow what a sleek little Black Beauty she is. It was nice to read your wonderful comments about the machine. I had seen it advertised in the JoAnn’s flyer, but have not seen it in person. Will have to check it out. Thanks for doing this.

  106. Michelle V. says

    Vintage Steampunk Retro. All the looks of an age gone by with all the bells and whistles of today. Fantastical! I’m yearning for one of these!

  107. Marie says

    This beautiful machine reminds me of watching my mother sew on a treadle operated Singer. It’s gorgeous!

  108. Dennis says

    Hi, OMG what a machine I really want this machine I hope I get picked. Thanks for haveing the giveaway.

  109. Cheryl B says

    Stylish,classic,vintage look with modern functions. Reminds me of my mother’s Singer.

  110. Britt says

    So retro. Make me think of “Mad Men” :) Betty would totally have this – I need, I need!!!

  111. Cindy Lynne says

    So very retro but oh so modern and simple to use. If only my Grannie could see this!

  112. amy says

    Lovely…seen this machine online right after DH baught my xmas present which at that time I wanted the singer embroidery futura , so I have been panting for this one…

  113. Mel says

    Oh wow! This looks awesome! Love the retro look. I often think that it would be nice to have a cool old machine, but would miss all the modern features-so this is perfect. Plus it won’t weigh 5 billion pounds like the old ones-haha!

  114. Nancy Magnuson says

    It really reminds me of Mom’s machine that I first learned to sew on. The best machine ever. I still have the buttonholer that I use on my 1976 Singer. LOVE IT!!!!!

  115. Karree Williams says

    I have always loved the look of the old fashioned sewing machines; just the ability to sew with them has never been conducive for me. I really like the roomy storage area and it looks like it is located in an easy accessible area. This machine obviously has every modern convenience, but with the look of the old fashion machine. The cost of the machine is a little more than one can probably handle which would not allow many to be able to use this machine. I f I was to win this machine, I would guaranty that every sewer out there would know the good and the bads of this machine.

  116. Tammy says

    Reminds me of my grandmother and her sewing machine. I was amazed and wanted to learn to sew so bad. And I did! brought back precious memories.

  117. Sheila Bright says

    It’s a beauty! I have my Great Grandmother’s Singer Sewing machine and it works like a champ but I would love sewing on it’s updated twin!

  118. Dianna Johnston says


    I loved sewing in school (were immediate help was available). What intimidated me in regards to sewing on my own is and always has been the dreaded threading! I can not tell you how many needles I have just up and snapped. But the ease of threading this machine gives me confidence! I can’t wait to get started! I have two little girls and can not wait for all the projects I can accomplish on it, not to mention one day teaching the (as my mother had tried with me)!
    Thank you for your review!

  119. Debra says

    I love it! I actually have an original Featherweight anniversary issue from the 50’s and use it all the time.

    This lovely machine would be such a great addition to my sewing room….

    Thanks for the chance in your great giveaway!

  120. Cynthia Kauth Dupree says

    Must have! This looks too good to pass up! Get me to Joanne fabrics now!

  121. Ashley Turner says

    An elegant machine with which to create elegant pieces. A truly masterful design that inspires designs of your own.

  122. Lisa K says

    Classic! I love it! It reminds me of my grandmothers machine, and “sew” much love that she put into the things she made.

  123. Kyla Joy says

    Sleek and Sassy! I would love to make clothes for my girls on this machine!!!

  124. says

    Classic beauty, easy threading, smooth stitches that are easily changeable, loads of room to sew or a free arm, what else could you ask for?

  125. Charity says

    Looks and sounds like a breeze to use! Love the vintage look combined with cool features!

  126. Melanie Templet says

    I really LOVE the design and retro feel of this machine. I have my Great-Aunt’s Featherweight tredle machine and it still works – just needs a new belt! Would love to be the happy owner because my basting stitch on my current machine doesn’t work anymore… :-(

  127. Elisabetta says

    In these pictures it looks ancient, but after you see it has a modern heart
    simply adorable, I want this!

  128. Vanessa says

    I immediately thought of my mom’s machine. Lot’s of great memories sitting at her side while she was sewing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. says

    I love this sewing machine, teaching 2 of my daughters how to sew! Saw this on HSN a few weeks ago and just admired it – would love the chance to win one!!!

  130. Amy Seiger says

    Timeless memories!!! Just as memories of my grandmother teaching me how to sew. It would be a wonderful treat to teach my daughter on something so beautiful and historical looking.

  131. Danni says

    Nostalgic, vintage inspired beauty at it’s best. A lovely example of functional art.

  132. KittenWithAWhiplash says

    Right off the top of my head I can only come up with PleaseOhPleaseCanIHaveItOhPrettyPrettyPleaseWithACherryAndAFootMassageOnTopIPromiseI’llBeGoodAndIWon’tAskForAnythingElseALLYEAR?

  133. Amanda says

    Its so striking – and yet so familiar! I’m so happy to have come across this giveaway! :)

    I’m keeping my sewing fingers crossed..?:D

  134. Mary Cervantes says

    A gorgeous new Iron Lady!

    It reminds me of my mother’s old Singer machine with a treadle where I learned to sew!

  135. Karla Griffin says

    “Modern-retro” A classic Singer with fabulous, modern features

  136. Kristine says

    I do not have a sewing machine and I’ve been looking for the perfect one. The Singer 160 Ltd. Ed. is elegant and strong, it fits my style perfectly.

  137. Jen Carl says

    Fab-u-lous!!! Would love to see it in my sewing/craft area! Next to my grams vintage serger:)

  138. Janna says

    Delightful! I spent this afternoon teaching Zach to sew!! He loved it! I’m expecting he will tell me he needs his own machine now. Ha ha

  139. Peggy R says

    As soon as I saw this sewing machine, it reminded me of the treadle machine that my Grandmother used to own and sew on to make extra money to help support their family of 13 children!! Although the machine is still around, I will nob be able to ever own it. My Cousin was the recipient, and I have no idea whether she still has it or not. I’ve always loved that machine!! Anyway, I’ve always wanted a machine, especially a Singer, that was portable, and I could set it up on my kitchen table to do not only some mending work of mine, but to attempt one dream I’ve always had. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt for my bed, and if nothing else, it would be a Godsend to be able to at least get some of the piecework done by machine, and finish it up by hand if I had to. This giveaway is amazing, and has me bouncing off the walls!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win it!

  140. Becky knopp says

    I’m loving’ the little 1/4-inch guideline etched onto the bobbin cover. Perfect for piecing quilts! I’ve been a Singer fan for years, sewing on my 61-year-old Singer named “Melody”. I’m calling my beautiful Singer 160 “Harmony”. They’re Singers!

  141. Cheri says

    Very cool! The vintage look is awesome and I bet it’s as easy and smooth as those with a more “modern” look!

  142. zaelia says

    My mom had an old singer. It was so beautiful looking, but it got ruined in a house flood. I love the old look with the new functionality and would be over the moon to win one!

  143. Jacintha says

    The Singer 160 is just like the classic Singer featherweight and Singer 301. The black with gold trim is just timeless and classic. I would adore this Singer 160!

  144. stormyyskyy says

    gasp (because I can’t afford this and when I asked for it for a birthday gift I got laughed at. I get a second chance to get one!)

  145. Heidi Setzer says

    Design brings to mind a more simple time coupled with the technology of today, gotta love that, sweeeeet!

  146. belinda miller says

    hmmm how many 1500s era renaissance costumes could i run thru such a classically chic machine? would love to find out :)

  147. Vicki Huehner says

    I have my g-ma’s old Singer Treadle, and it STILL sews! Would LOVE this one.

    Love your site!

  148. Vanda says

    This machine is my dreams made into reality!

    I’m an advocate of making everything pretty, and have greatly been missing the body styling and colour options in sewing machines that started becoming simple bland and generic over the past couple decades.

    I can only hope that they consider doing other machines like this like a retro 60s peach or green one. Love it Singer!

  149. Michelle Barnowski says

    Beautiful! Modern Vintage. A machine I could leave sitting out on my kitchen table. :)

  150. says

    “Just what the doctor ordered!!”

    Who wouldn’t want to sit, relax and be amazingly crafty with this vintage inspired beauty in front of them!!

  151. Sharlet Young says

    i love the automatic needle threader–my eyes are not what they used to be…

  152. Norrie says

    Would love to have one–my mom has the original, and hubs and I both sew (but only have 1 machine at the moment).

  153. Diane Boudreau says

    I love it. I love antique machines as well as new machines with modern capabilities.

  154. Sherry B says

    The current object of my affection — I am madly in love with this beautiful machine!

  155. says

    Oh my goodness, I love it because it matches the circa 1953 one that my mother gave me when I was a little girl. I love this machine!

  156. kat timmerman says

    Reminds me of many many hours of watching my Grandma sew. Boy how I miss her.

    Good luck to all !!

    I have my fingers crossed that’s for sure!