Review & Giveaway: Silhouette SD and Rhinestone Starter Kit

This giveaway is closed.  The winner is commenter #60, Natalie, who said:

Definitely would do some shirts for my daughter and probably some home accessories for my sister since her house is full of bling!

This is a long post, but stick with me and read to the end.  We’ve got a special deal on a Silhouette machine for you, as well as a chance to enter a giveaway for a Silhouette and rhinestone bundle. Read to the bottom for the exciting specials and giveaway!!

Several months ago I had the opportunity to review the Silhouette SD machine.  You can read my review of the machine itself here.   I also wrote up a couple of tutorials – one for using the iron-on vinyl to make a Happy Note fabric napkin and one for using freezer paper stencil to make faces for softies.

If you thought that’s all the Silhouette can do with sewing , you’re wrong.

Another really exciting feature of this machine is the ability to cut templates for setting heat-fix rhinestones.  These little sparkly gems are sooo awesome to add a bit of zazz to a sewing project, or even just a plain store-bought tee.

The Review

I had a chance to use the rhinestone template starter kit this week.  I used it to make a handful of t-shirts for my daughter.  I had planned to make just one, but I just… couldn’t… stop.

My first go was with a simple peace sign design.  It was really a test run, and I made it on a scrap of knit fabric.  It turned out so cute that I made a whole shirt to put it on.  Little girl loved it!

Then, I raided her drawers and found a pair of plain tees.  The black tee got a hot pink rhinestone kitty.  This was so quick and easy!!  My daughter’s friend came over and saw it.  She immediately asked me to make one for her, too.  Because I’ve already got the template cut and ready to use, I could be the Awesome Mom and say, “Sure!  What size t-shirt do you wear?”

And then I realized that I could combine applique with the rhinestones.  Be still my heart!

For the white tee, I used a raincloud template to make a sparkly cloud on a piece of old denim.  I put fusible on the back and appliqued it down the shirt, along with some fabric that just happened to be printed with sparkly raindrops.  A smattering of hearts finishes it off.  I know it’s obnoxious to brag on your own stuff – but isn’t it the cutest???

Though it looks difficult to create the rhinestone designs, the Silhouette makes it really easy to do.  I’m going to skip giving a step-by-step for creating the template and setting the rhinestones, since the instructions they provide are so good.  Get their PDF instruction sheet to see how it’s done.  You can also view a video demo.

As I played with the Silhouette rhinestones, I jotted down my observations.  I could ooze on and on, but I’ll give you the condensed version:

Economical and good selection. I’ve seen rhinestone iron-ons at the hobby store before, but never bought them because 1) they’re pretty pricey and 2) the selection is slim.  But making them yourself turns out to be pretty economical.   Once you have the Silhouette machine, all you need to create your own iron-on rhinestone designs is the rhinestone starter kit.  As for selection, there are tons of designs available for purchase in their online library.

The $30 starter kit has everything you need to start with your own rhinestone designs:  sheets of rhinestone template material, 2 backing boards and 2 sheets of transfer tape, positioning brush, acrylic work tray, 10ss clear rhinestones, and bonus CD of exclusive rhinesone template designs (alphabet and shapes).  You can purchase additional template designs from the Silhouette online library for just .99 each.

Templates are not resizable. Unlike the other designs in the Silhouette online store, the rhinestone templates are not resizable.  The reason is simple; the templates are made up of tiny circles sized just right to hold the rhinestones and arranged to make a shape.  If you resize the template, the circles will no longer be the right size.  This isn’t really a biggie; just something to keep in mind.  Most of the designs in their online library state the dimensions so you can know if the size will work for your project before you download it.

Different sizes of rhinestones.  The most inexpensive rhinestones are the 10ss clear.  The other colors and larger sizes are more expensive.  Luckily, the bulk of the designs make use of the 10ss size, but you’ll find that you need some of the larger sizes to complete many designs.  Larger designs are usually made up primarily of the smaller, least expensive size and use the larger ones as accents.

Keeping up with all of those little rhinestones. Though you can’t see it in the packaging, the rhinestones all come in resealable bags.  Yay!!!  That makes keeping up with them loads easier!  When setting the design, I raided my stamping supplies and pulled out my embossing powder tray.  The shallow tray has a pour spout at one end.  The sides of the tray kept the rhinestones from rolling all over my table, and when I was done I could easily pour them bag into the baggie.  (The tray doesn’t come with the rhinestone starter kit, but you can usually purchase them inexpensively from hobby stores.)

How long will my materials last? In order to create a rhinestone iron-on, you need four things: rhinestones, template vinyl, transfer tape, and backing board.  You will eventually use them up and need to replace them.  The transfer tape and the rhinestones get used up more quickly than the template vinyl and the backing board.  Once created, the template (made from the cut template vinyl placed on the backing board) can be used as many times as you like – though each time you’ll use up some of your rhinestones and transfer tape (you’ll need a piece large enough to cover your design).  I was able to create 5 templates from one sheet of vinyl, and I placed all of them on one double-sided backing board.  For refills, you can purchase sets of template vinyl, transfer tape, and backing board together; or, you can also purchase just the transfer tape.

Cut multiple templates at one time. I’m stingy by nature, so I very quickly realized that if I’m planning on cutting several small templates that it makes more sense to cut them all the same time.  That way I can position them to make the most efficient use of the template material.  One word of caution: Those little cut circles are really hard to see before you pull the template vinyl off of the paper backing.  If you want to separate the templates, wait until after you pull them off of the paper backing before cutting them apart.  That way you won’t accidentally cut down the middle of a design with your scissors.

You will become hooked. It took all of one shiny, sparkly design on a t-shirt to get me hooked.  There is now not a plain t-shirt in my house that is safe from getting rhinestone’d with my Silhouette.  And don’t limit yourself to t-shirts.  These would make such fun embellishments for a purse, for hair accessories (the smaller designs), scrapbook pages, or home dec framed art.

The Special Deal

Are you wanting to get a Silhouette for your very own?  If so, the folks at Silhouette have a special deal for you!

From now until April 26, 2011 you can get a Silhouette machine and rhinestone bundle at a special discounted price.  The bundle includes:

  • The Silhouette SD
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone template material
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape
  • 2 rhinestone backing boards
  • 1 rhinestone placement brush
  • 1 CD of rhinestone images
  • 1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of pink 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 Pick-Me-Up tool

You can ALL OF THIS for $229!  This is $125 in savings!

To get the special deal, click here.  Add the bundle to your cart and then enter the code GOSSIP at checkout.  Remember, the offer is only good through April 26, 2011. Get the rhinestone bundle.

Already have the Silhouette?  Don’t worry – you’re not left out of the special deals!  From now until April 26, 2011 all of their rhinestones are 30% off. Get them at the Silhouette store.

The Giveaway

We’ve also got an awesome giveaway for you!  The folks at Silhouette will give away a Silhouette SD & Rhinestone Starter Kit to one lucky Craft Gossip reader.  That’s the same bundle as listed above.  How awesome is that!!!!

To get yourself entered in this giveaway, leave me a comment here telling me what you would make all sparkly with the Silhouette SD and the rhinestone kit.  Deadline for entry is April 26, 2011.

The rules: This giveaway is open to US residents only.  Deadline is April 26, 2011.  Only one entry per person.



  1. Vanesa says

    What a great giveaway! I have a daughter that loves everything shiny so I would love to win one and embellish lots of shirts for her.

  2. Linda says

    I’d love to win a Silhouette and would add bling to lots of things including T-shirts, grandkids’ clothes, and scrapbooking pages. Thanks for the offer.

  3. Alina says

    I saw a tutorial on Silhouette’s blog where they put rhinestones on a little girl’s bathing suit. SO CUTE! I would also like to bling out some t-shirts, obviously :)

  4. Carrie Johnson says

    I would love to win this. I’ve been wanting one for so long to make cards, decorations, embellishments. Hope luck is with me today!

  5. chuen says

    Wanted a Silhouette on first sight. Can’t imagine I will win but I’ll give it a shot.

  6. trishden says

    Hello, I have a jean jacket that I would love to add some bling to. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  7. says

    I would use the rhinestones to bling out some cute dresses I am making or to use them for birthday presents

  8. deangelia johnson says

    i love rhine stone . i put rhinestones on my . little girls head bands and shoes

  9. says

    I am not sure whether the Silhouette is available in India. You might try checking the Silhouette website and contacting their customer service. –Anne


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