How much fabric do you need to make a dress?



Gwen from After the Dress shares the latest in her “How Much Fabric?” series, with her table showing how much fabric it takes to make an average dress.  Given the wide variety in dress styles, she includes examples of dresses that would require a minimum, average, or maximum amount of fabric.  Get the table.

[graphic from After the Dress]

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  1. j. harkness says

    hi please help wondering how many metres of fabric is needed for skating dress. daughter is 5ft slim build.

  2. says

    Iam 8 and I relly want to be a fashon disener but I cant be won I made a bundel of dresses shose hats jrlew tresersw and tops so plise I am despret to be won send me a mesage now

  3. kathryn says

    I was wondering how much fabric i would need to make a puffy knee high dress sorta old timy still in style but wondering how much i need for halloween

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