How much fabric do you need to make a skirt?

skirt_tableIn a perfect world, we’d wait to buy fabric until we had a specific project in mind, and we could determine the yardage to buy based on the pattern envelope. 

I don’t know about you, but rarely do I have a specific pattern in mind when I buy fabric.  I tend to shop the other way.  I see fabric I love and think, “Hmm… that would make a nice skirt!”  But how much fabric to buy to make a skirt?  Gwen from After the Dress has done the research and come up with average yardages for sewing skirts.  It’s all part of her “How much fabric to buy?” series.  Get the chart for skirt yardages.

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    Thanks for including this! I hope your readers find it interesting! I’m going to be posting (3 separate) tables for jackets, tops and dresses over the next few weeks – so stop back again! :)
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