I’m back… kind of


This was the scene at my house Christmas evening…  about an hour before the power went out.  40 hours later, we’re still without power.  Clearly, I won’t be blogging as much as I usually do until they get us back up and running.  Hopefully it will be just another day, though the power company says it can be as long as a week.  Eeek! Let’s hope that they won’t take that long.  Until then, I’ll be blogging from Starbucks and my mother’s house and thinking sew-y thoughts.  :)


  1. Knitting Teresa says

    Beautiful picture. Looks like you had a white Christms, we only had heavy rain and wind.
    Hope the power comes back on soon.

    • says

      Thanks! We did have a beautiful white Christmas this year.
      Usually we just get rain and sometimes ice. I’m very thankful for or generator that’s keeping us warm until our power is restored. Best wishes for a happy new year! –Anne

  2. Gina says

    My sister lives close to Little Rock and was out of power for several days also. Glad to hear you had a generator; we learned that lesson in Missouri with the last big ice storm

    • says

      We got our generator when the ice storm came in 2000 and knocked out our power for 10 days. We got one so we’d never be without heat again. It has been a good investment. :) –Anne

  3. stella Upton says

    We have also been without power since Christmas I’m thankful too for our generator. Hopefully yours will be back on soon. Weve been told ours won’t be back until Tuesday Yuk!

    • says

      Are you in the Little Rock area? They also told us Tuesday, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sooner. I’m hoping the Tuesday was an overestimation by the power company. I hear rumors of power trucks on major streets near my neighborhood. :) Glad you guys have a generator to keep the heat on until the power comes back. –Anne

  4. says

    Ran across your web site of your home, I also live in Arkansas, Roland and this pass year was a nightmare to me. On Christmas day no lights until Sat night. We also had to make the trip to home depot for a generator, investing in the big boy this year. Take care very nice home. email me some time.

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