Insulated Totes for Drink Bottles

These can be made for any size bottle you may have, just adjust the cutting size.  

Insulated Totes For Soda & Water Bottles
Debbie Colgrove

Bring your own beverage to parades and community events and keep them cold.

Here you’ll find insulated bottle totes in various sizes for most popular water and soda bottles. Here is a way to keep that drink cold!


  • fabric
  • light weight fleece or quilt batting
  • 1/4″ wide elastic
  • Optional: 1″ wide nylon webbing for strap
  • Optional: Hook and loop tape
  • Thread


    1. Place batting on wrong side of the fabric, matching the edges and covering half of the fabric. Place batting on wrong side of the fabric, matching one edge and covering half of the fabric.
    2. Quilt the batting area. Quilt the batting area.
    3. Optional: Attach the belt or bike strap – Find full directions here
    4. Fold with wrong sides together and align the long edges. Sew a 1/4″ seam.
    5. Press Open
    6. Place the elastic around the tube, matching the ends of the elastic to the top of the batting and seam allowance edges. Sew the elastic at the seam line, back-stitching to reinforce the stitching.
    7. Fold the wrong sides together, enclosing the batting. Zig zag the raw edge.
    8. Pin the elastic to the fold and topstitch 1″ from the folded edge.
    9. Layer the two circle pieces with a piece of batting. Zig zag the edges together.
    10. Match the circle to the zig zagged edge of the tube. Sew with a 1/4″ seam.
    11. Turn inside out so the seam allowance is inside.
    12. ENJOY!
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