Join the convo: Pattern testing in sewing books

Abby Glassenberg from While She Naps, and author of The Artful Bird, shares an honest and eye-opening discussion of pattern testing (or the lack of) in sewing books.  One would assume that all of the projects you see in books have tested before publication, but it turns out that the typical publication budget doesn’t allow for that.  Read her post (and join the conversation) at While She Naps.

[photo from While She Naps]


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    I don’t normally leave comments but after reading this post I was compelled to give my two cents! As a compulsive crafter and a book lover I have forked over more money than I would like to think for tons of different craft books. I really had no idea that a lot of the patterns in these types of books weren’t peer reviewed! It is so frustrating to get into a project only to get totally tied up by following the pattern! I understand that mistakes happen and that’s OK every once in a while, but to have completely have to scrap a project multiple times from the same book and/or author should be unacceptable! I buy those types of books for the patterns. If the patterns don’t work you’re looking at a $20 coaster or paper weight.

    Thanks for the eye-opening post!

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