Join us for the Craft Gossip Dolly Donation Challenge!

I’ve blogged about them several times already, but let me say it again:  I love me some Dolly Donations!!  Their mission is to provide a bit of comfort in the form of handmade cloth dolls to needy children around the world – children in poverty, children who have been orphaned, or children experiencing crisis.  Their current drive is sending dolls to orphans in Haiti.  You can read more about the current drive and the children it benefits here.

Because we believe so much in Dolly Donations, we’re issuing the Craft Gossip Dolly Donation Challenge!  How many dollies can Craft Gossip readers create in just one month?

If you’d like to participate, set a Dolly Donation goal for yourself.  It can be 1 dolly, 3 dollies, 5 dollies, or more.  Don’t worry if you’re still a beginner sewist.  The dolls are simple to make , and there are patterns available over at the Dolly Donations website.  (They also have tutorials showing how to add some fun details.)  The basic doll pattern has “clothes” stitched as part of the dolly body.  If you want to make removable clothing, I’ll be posting a tutorial/pattern for a dress for a girl doll, and a t-shirt and shorts combo for a boy doll.

Personally, I pledge to create at least 5 dollies for the Craft Gossip Dolly Donation Challenge.  How many will you make?

You can mail your completed dollies to me.  (I’m not so keen on posting my home address out here for all the world to see, so just drop me an email at and I’ll send you my address.)  I’ll keep them safe and sound until the end of the Dolly Donation Challenge, at which point I’ll take a lovely group photo and send them on from there.

We’ll keep the Craft Gossip Dolly Donation rolling throughout the month of July.  If you have any questions about our challenge, please give me an email at sewing@craftgossip.comDeadline for mailing the dollies to me is August 7, 2010.  I can’t wait to see how much we can do!!

[photos and buttons from Dolly Donations]

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  1. Jennifer says

    Wow! I’ve never seen this group before (I’m new to craft gossip), but this post just made me cry. Weird, I know, but 14 month old has recently developed a love affair with her own dolly, and having experienced her attachment, and the comfort she gets from hugging that dolly (“dah-dee” in her words) makes me so excited to spread some of that dolly loving to kiddos who really need such a hug. Thanks for posting this! I’m headed to their website now!

    • says

      Kay, If you want to participate through Craft Gossip, I’ll need the dollies by September 7. However, you can also send them directly to the person who is collecting the dollies for Hope Village, and I believe that deadline is later in the fall. Thank you for your interest in the dolly drive! –Anne


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