Lookie what she made: 4th of July ruffle bustle dress

Look at this super cute 4th of July dress that Holly from Heart Break Kids made for her little girl!  It’s all made from recycled t-shirts, too!  The skirt is cut from a blue with white polka dots, with stripes of red and white ruffles peeking out at the back.  LOVE!!  Read more about this fabulous project at Heart Break Kids.

[via Positively Splendid]


  1. says

    Thank you so much for the shout out! This was such a fun project! I am having to restrain myself from tearing apart all of my daughters dresses and adding bustles to them!

    • Angelica Quintana says

      Have you ever considered making one to sale!? My Fiancé is a Marine & he fell in love with this for our daughter on the way! He hasn’t had a daddy moment & when I showed him this dress, it was amazing how he just looked at it & had a smile from ear to ear & said get it! He said he had a flash forward & saw our daughter wearing this & that’s all he talked about all day long! So Please please please consider

  2. says

    Oh, how adorable! I don’t think my son would like this though! But it would be too cute for my kid sis.

    And it could be used for Bastille Day too [hey, we could all use another excuse to celebrate!]

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