Melly’s Night Before Christmas, sewing style

Melly's Night Before Christmas, sewing styleMelissa from Blank Slate Patterns and Melly Sews has adapted the classic Christmas poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (better known as “Twas the Night Before Christmas”), into a Christmas wish for her sewing friends, especially those with unfinished sewing projects still in the queue.  Go to Melly Sews to read it.

And speaking of unfinished Christmas projects in the queue, as soon as I finish writing up this post, I’m heading off to the sewing room to finish my daughter’s Christmas dress.  I’ve got until 4:30 today to get it done!

I’m taking the rest of today and tomorrow for family time.  I’ll see you guys bright and early December 26th with a fresh batch of sewing inspiration.   Until then, you have my warmest holiday wishes!!

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