Mug Mats

Nothing beats a hot cup of tea for an excuse to take a break from the busyness of life. Here is a great sewing project that uses up scraps. I have made these for craft and fundraising sales but filled them slightly with rice. Then they could be microwaved for 30 seconds and it keeps the tea hot while you go about your duties in life. They make great little gifts and allow you try out new sewing techniques on a small scale. Here’s the little verse I attach with a ribbon and a little safety pin, although you probably can come up with something better to say!

I’m a little tea pad

Square and soft

Filled with stuff to keep me hot

Microwave me till I’m warm

I’m here to set your cup on me

Hope you enjoy this little sewing craft! I have made many with little quilt squares that may have been destined to go elsewhere but didn’t quite make the cut!





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