Read all about the sheath dress

Read all about the sheath dressSince its introduction in the 1950s, the form fitting sheath dress continues to be a popular silhouette in women’s fashion.  It’s sleek, sexy, and sophisticated.  Sherri from sewbettyanddot focuses on the sheath dress in her guest post at Pattern Patter, discussing the features and history of the dress style.  Go to Pattern Patter to read about it and to see photos showing the evolution of the sheath dress through the decades.

[photo from Pattern Patter]


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    I love this fashion time, when ladies looked like ladies…very classic, we looked sooo fantastic, those were the days…I still have those patterns. great memories, i’m starting back sewing. have fun ALL you ladies.

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    Thanks so much for posting this (I’m the author!). Once a month on the Pattern Patter blog I do a “Focus On” post on a style, garment element (sleeves, necklines, etc.).

    I love your blog and have been getting your email pushes for more than a year…so fun!

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