Recycled Leftovers Part 2

Recycled Leftovers Part 2

Here are a few more ideas to clean out those closets.


·         Shrunken wool—Here’s something you once may have cried about, but can now rejoice over. That expensive sweater you splurged on that could now fit your poodle, can now be made into a great hat and mitten set. Or hat, if only that big. Trace a hat you already have onto paper. Cut out two of the same using the hem as the bottom of the hat, adding ½inch seam allowance to the sides.  If you unsure if the sweater will run or not, run a narrow zigzag just inside the cutting line on your sewing machine before you cut it out.  After you cut it out, just place the two halves  right sides together, and zigzag or serge around it. If you have enough for mittens or have more than one sweater, trace around the outline of your hand, leaving lots of seam allowance, trust me here.  Don’t forget you need to make 4 halves, two for each hand. Stitch around, turn right side out and enjoy your sweater! Oh, if you have no other use for it, put it on your dog.

·         Scarf—use bits of sweaters and  make a patchwork scarf joining the random pieces together with a zigzag or serge stitch. I would make it wide enough to fold in half lengthwise, stitch down and turn inside out so you can’t see any of the seams, plus it will be warmer.  Unravel some of the yarn from any remnants and make fringe for the ends.

·         Bag—make a cool bag. Cut off the sleeves and stitch them shut rights side together. Stitch straight across the top of the shoulders including the neck edge. Turn upside-down so the bottom is now the top and you have the beginnings of a bag. You can then use the sleeves for handles, or use jean legs for something funky. You can add pockets from scraps of whatever you have. If the sweater has a loose knit to it, you may want to line it. Think of a contrasting colour that may show through for extra funkiness!

·         Stuffed animals—what do you do with disco leopard print sweater that was off one shoulder? Make a stuffed leopard, what else?  Make a stuffed elephant for something different? Get creative, who doesn’t want a pink striped dog?

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