Review and Giveaway: Confessions of a Refashionista by Sheri Pavlovic

Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig Zag is a collection of 50 DIY fashion projects.  It’s brainchild and self-published book by Sheri Pavlovic from Mensch T’s and the blog Awesomesauce.  She’s pulled some of her most popular DIYs from her blog and added some new projects to the mix, and put them into the more permanent and more portable form of a book.  The wirebound book is much easier to tote into my sewing room than my laptop!

The 50 projects include 18 tops, 11 bottoms (skirts, pants, or shorts), 5 dresses, 4 coatlets, 14 accessories, and a duct tape dress form.  You can make all of them (except the dress form) by refashioning garments you can find in your closet or at the thrift store.

Projects require only basic sewing skills and are forgiving of mistakes.  Her writing style is laid back, so it feels more like you’re reading a project journal and not a set of instructions that you must follow to a tee.   Refashioning is by nature a creative, more spontaneous way of sewing.  Like most refashion projects, there’s a lot of wiggle room with measurements.  The shirt you start with might not be the same size as the one she uses, or you may be needing to end up with a different size scarf than the one she makes. 

Check out the little wristlet purse I made from a necktie!  I used the directions for her Vintage Necktie Wristlet. 

I love how the graphic floral print of the necktie works on the wristlet!  I made mine taller and skinnier than the one in the book because I wanted it to fit my smartphone.  Now that I’ve got a little wristlet to carry my phone around, I may be better able to keep up with it.

Some of my favorite projects include:

The Scarfigan – It’s a long scarf with sleeves sewn into it.  You can wear it as a bolero, but you can also still wear it as a scarf.  Perfect project for the indecisive refashionista!

Flippin’ For My Flops – She takes a pair of 99-cent flip flops and gives them color and print by wrapping them with strips of scrap fabric.  You’ll never pay for fancy schmancy flip flops again.

Sweet Sleeves – A basic, boxy tee gets a little flirty when you give it a wider neck and peek-a-boo sleeves.  You’ll use bits of fabric trimmed from the hem to make the ties at the bottom of the sleeves, so there’s no extra fabric needed.

The Giveaway

Sheri is giving away a signed copy of her book PLUS a totally-unique-get-you-started-refashioning-item.  Head over to her blog, Awesomesauce, and leave a comment there to get entered. 

The winner will be announced December 12, 2012.

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