Sew a Drawstring Bag

Child’s Drawstring Backpack

This backpack is perfect for small kids to carry their things in. It has a drawstring opening that can be closed and the straps on the sides will hold the backpack securely on their bodies. This backpack has a cotton lining to give it more durability. You can choose instead a fabric that is water resistant if you like.

This bag makes a wonderful shoe bag as well for those travelling with baggage.

Supplies needed:– Two coordinating pieces of fabric measuring
60 cm (24 inches) x 27 cm (10.8 inches) each
– 2 pieces of matching cording measuring each 11 cm
(4.4 inches)
– 2 pieces of matching cording measuring 1.20 meters
(48 inches) each
– matching thread
– quilters ruler
– standard sewing supplies
For instructions:

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