Sew a maternity belly band

Let’s face it.  Maternity pants are more about function than style, and that’s especially true of the elastic band.  It’s gotta be there.  It’s gotta stretch.  But does it have to be ugly?  Christy from Christy’s Creations doesn’t think so.  She created a tutorial to make your own belly band to hide that ugly stretch panel.


  1. jodi-lynn says

    I love this I’m having my 3rd baby and everytime I worry about my shirt being to short and showing the ugly belly panel and all the maternity pants fall down on me when I walk it’s so frustrating, I can’t wait to make my own cause there is no way I spending full price on those stupid ingrid and isabel ones. Thank you.

  2. Belinda says

    I have made a belly band for myself during my previous pregnancies but this time I am having twins and gonna need a lot of extra room. These homemade belly bands give you the option of choicing which colors you would like to make yourself.

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