Sewing for a cause: Bean bag sets for orphan schools in Liberia

Craft Hope has announced their latest charity sewing project.  They are partnering with the Liberian Orphan Education Project to provide bean bag sets to send to orphan schools in Liberia, West Africa.   This is an ambitious project, with hopes of collecting 20 sets each of alphabet, numbers, colors, and geometric shape bean bags.  They will use these bean bag sets as education tools in their schools.  There are specific requirements for each of these sets, so if this sounds like something you’d like to help with, click over to Craft Hope to get the details.

Deadline for the project is May 15.

[thank you to Celtic Momma for the link to this inspirational sewing project]


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    Thanks so much for highlighting the bean bag project for Liberian classrooms. For more information about our work in Liberia in orphan schools, teacher training, classroom needs in Liberia, check out our blog:
    Many thanks to this great craft community – you all have been so very supportive and extraordinarliy enthusiastic!
    Beth at LOEP

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