Sneak Peek: ReSew by Jenny Wilding Cardon

Jenny Wilding Cardon gives a video sneak peek of the projects in her soon-to-be-released book ReSew.  The book will show how to transform thrift store garments and linens into new, stylish clothing. 

I’ll be posting a review of the book in a couple of weeks, along with a giveaway AND a  Q & A with the author.  I’m so excited! 

But instead of me having all of the fun coming up with questions for Jenny, I thought I’d open that up to all of you.  Want to know what inspires her?  How she finds time to sew?  This is your chance to ask! 

Check out the video sneak peek, and then leave questions for Jenny here as a comment on this post by Sunday, February 13, 2010.  She’ll choose the questions from the comments on this post and answer them in our Q & A session.

[photo from ReSew by Jenny Wilding Cardon]


  1. DEE says

    I thrift shop, but alot of the clothes I find are smaller than my size. Will your book give ideas how to use smaller items and make them into great stuff for someone bigger?


    I found the cutest shirt in retro 70’s wild fabric size large but its too small for me, my girl can cut it down to great stuff for her but I am at a lost how to use it for me.

  2. Jenn says

    How do you come up with the ideas for your projects? Also, what skill level do you need for your designs? Anything ideal for beginners?

  3. Melissa says

    I loved the sneak peak of your book. Your vision is really amazing. Do you try to use all elements of the former piece such as zippers and buttons? Also, does the fabric speak to you or do you normally have a project in mind before hitting the thrift store.

  4. Jenn A-G says

    Wow–fantastic transformations! I also wonder about your inspiration. Where do your ideas come from–the fabric finds or your own ideas and imagination of what kind of fabric you need? Will your book have any tips for larger-sized women’s designs (A-line skirts, sleeved tops, etc.)? As it stands now, I can only imagine using your accessory patterns. But my imagination is awakened!

  5. Nancy says

    Do you have a preference for fabric type when you refashion something? Are knits easier than woven fabric? Organic (cotton, wool, linen, etc) better than synthetics or is the reverse true?


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