The Cadillac of Sewing

Or, Perhaps I should say Ferrarri as I’ll start ya off with the price- a whopping 9 G’s. But ohh- it is a damn dreamy sewing machine. Here is a blurb about it:

Brother’s Quattro 6000D has arrived. This “Mega Machine” has a built-in computer that can teach you how to get the most out of it; it also offers three USB ports, lighting around the large workspace, the ability to upload your design and turn it into embroidery and a video screen so you can see what the needle is doing at all times. This will be the most advanced sewing machine available to consumers. With all the hype surrounding “upcycling” clothing and the popularity of shows such as Project Runway, this machine appeals to a new, technologically-advanced generation of sewers. It will be available for an MSRP of $8995.99, tentatively set for early October.

Though the price is a bit steep, imagine the possibilities…

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