Tutorial: A bag for Corduroy

Corduroy is one of my most favorite children’s stories.  It’s a story of compassion, of determination, and a homecoming.  No wonder its a favorite for many families.  Dana from MADE created a small doll-sized quilt and a special tote bag inspired by Corduroy’s green overalls.  Her daughter’s class has a Corduroy bear that comes home with each child during the school year.  She noticed that the bag he came to her house in was torn, and so, like the little girl’s mama in the Corduroy story who gave him a new button, Dana sewed him a new bag.   She made it from green fabric, with criss cross “straps” on the back and big yellow buttons on the front.    She shares a tutorial showing how she did it.  Get the tute.

[photo from MADE]

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