Tutorial: Adapt a basic shorts pattern to make culottes

Mie from Sewing Like Mad guest blogs at Sew Country Chick with a tutorial showing how to adapt a basic shorts pattern to make a pair of culottes.  To make the culottes, you need to add extra width to the legs and create a longer crotch.  She includes dimensions for making a size 3T, but her instructions will work with any size of shorts. Get the how-to.

[photo from Sewing Like Mad at Sew Country Chick]


  1. Rebekah Dempster says

    I want to be all cheerful and say they are so cute
    however these are not culottes they are split leg skirt the difference being that culottes have it hidden that they are trouser leg and i suppose at a glance these may look like a skirt but it would not hold up for long.
    i have a niece and god bless i love her but she can’t sit like a lady to save herself. She lives in box pleat culottes and i mean box pleat front and back they are so cute. i would really be interested in seeing some one doing a box pleat culottes with contrasting internal pleats for fun

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