Tutorial: Add a quick lining to a sheer shirt

I have a handful of sheer shirts in my closet that I never wear.  I love the cut and design of the shirts, but I can’t stand wearing tops that show my bra lines.  I feel so… exposed.  And frankly, my bras are just not that cute.  Nicole from Cola Cola Island shows how you can add a quick lining to an existing shirt so you can wear it without showing off your under layers.  Brilliant!!  Get the tute at Cola Cola Island.

[photo from Cola Cola Island]


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    I love the idea of making them most of what one has. Ingenuity is the best form of creativity. Empowering the curious with skills to recycle and reuse is perhaps the best thing we can do for our planet. Even something as seemingly small as adding a lining to a plain old shirt. But we know, women want something cute to wear, and if they can’t make it, they’d throw those old shirts in the trash and buy another one, without learning a thing!

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