Tutorial: Baby doll bassinet

Elizabeth from Twelve Crafts Till Christmas shows how to make this doll-sized bassinet.  This soft fabric bassinet gives a special place for a child to lay their baby doll to sleep.  And unlike a larger dollie crib, the fabric bassinet packs easily for travel.  Go to Part 1 of the tutorialGo to Part 2 of the tutorial.

[photo from Twelve Crafts Till Christmas]

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  1. Barb says

    I like how you break down the fabric sizes….however, could you also include how much fabric for outside & inside….example:
    1 yd for outside & 1 yd for inside? I think it would be easier for the beginners.

    • says

      I don’t have the measurements to make a bassinet for a 17″ Baby Alive doll, but I think you could probably figure them out if you had the doll in hand. My suggestion would be to lay the doll down on a piece of paper to figure out how long and how wide the bassinet base would need to be, and then adapt the measurements for the side and the hood based on the new numbers. It might take some trial and error, so I’d err on the side of larger pieces and then trim down as needed. –Anne

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