Tutorial: Blogger conference business card carrier

Tutorial: Blogger conference business card carrierBlogging conference goers make business card exchange an art form.  If you’re lucky enough to attend a blogging conference, you can expect to exchange a LOT of business cards.  Each one will be unique  Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings shows the Blogger Conference Card Caddy that she made to bring with her to SNAP! so she’ll always have a business card at the ready.  (Ohhh, how I wish I was also going!!)  It’s a zippered pouch with pockets sewn on the front to hold your business cards.  The zippered portion can hold extra cards for quick refill, or your room key card or other small but important items. Go to Rae Gun Ramblings for the tutorial.

[photo from Rae Gun Ramblings]

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