Tutorial: Build a sewing table using IKEA

Amy from Badskirt has a brand new sewing table.  Her husband made it for her using an IKEA table and door panel.  He cut away a portion of the door-turned-tabletop so the sewing surface sits flush with the tabletop.  Her set of drawers (also IKEA) fits perfectly underneath.  Go to her post to read how he did it.  Who knows, maybe you can make one for your own sewing space.

[photo from Badskirt]


  1. cathy says

    i literally just saw that on ikea hackers. is that where she got the idea or is it the other way around?

    • says

      Good ideas get shared around on the internet all the time. This post is nearly a year old, so it may be that the person on IKEA hackers got the idea from her. Or they may have both come up with the same good idea independent of each other. Regardless of where it originated, it’s a neat sewing table. –Anne

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