Tutorial: Bunny and fox flip doll

bunnyfoxflipdollLaura from We Wilsons designed this clever bunny and fox flip doll.  Each doll has both a bunny AND a fox – two dolls in one!  You can change which doll you see by flipping and turning the body.  (Pictured are actually two dolls sitting side by side.)  The pattern will be available for sale in her Etsy shop, but she’s giving away the first 300 downloads for free.  Go to the free download

[photo from We Wilsons]

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  1. sande says

    it’s very discouraging when bloglovin sends a link to a cute free pattern, then when we try to follow that link, find it’s been dead for months!! why can’t they tell us that the link is to a pattern to buy, or send the link while it’s live? this is 4 dead links today, 2 of them yours. i’m not out to only get something for nothing, and have no objection to paying for a cute pattern. it’s the wild goose chase that drives me up the wall!!!

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