Tutorial: Car Cozie roll-up caddy for toy cars

car_cozie10Sharla from My Little Gems and Little Gems Shop shows how to make a car cozie fabric storage roll for cars.  The long fabric roll has pockets to store individual cars, as well as a fabric “road” for them to drive on.  Make one of these and fill it with a handful of toy cars, and you’ve got an awesome handmade Christmas gift for a little boy!   Go to the tutorial.

Want a car cozie but don’t want to make it yourself?  Get one from her Etsy shop.

[photo from My Little Gems]

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  1. kathryn says

    i LOVE this idea. i (kathryn) am the one who submitted this link to be considered for the website. however, i am not in participation with the my little gems blog or her etsy shop. the genius mama behind this tutorial and who runs the my little gem blog is named sharla. she gets ALL the credit for this :)

  2. says

    Hi, THANK YOU for linking me and giving my etsy shop a plug too :) My name is Sharla not Kathryn- so you might want to fix that 😉 Thanks again, Sharla@mylittlegems

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