Tutorial: Chemo Cap headscarf

Daydream Believers shares a tutorial on her blog for making a chemo cap, a soft headscarf worn by someone who is undergoing chemotherapy.  I was thrilled when I saw this.  Headscarves can be ridiculously expensive to purchase, but they’re actually fairly simple to sew.  If you know someone who is battling cancer, make them a couple of headscarves.  If you don’t know anyone personally who needs these, I’m sure that your local hospital could help them go to people who need them.  Go to the tutorial.

[photo from Daydream Believers]

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  1. Dennis R. says

    I do not know any one with cancer but I plan to make some for the local adult day care. They try to help adults that may not be able to afford something like this. It is a way I can help them out.

  2. Carrie says

    My Aunt was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer on May 21 2012 after her surgery June 18 2012 they moved her to stage 2 they took out 5 lymph nodes 4 of those 5 the cancer had spread to she’s going to be starting the “red devil” treatment in a few weeks so I told her that I would make her a hat. Thank you to all that post these “how tos”

  3. Linda says

    I was very happy to find this pattern. a friend of a friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has lost all of her hair. She was referred to a store that had scarves available for her but they were very expensive. To be able to make some nice ones for her to wear is very rewarding for me personally. Cancer patients have enough stress as it is they do not need the added expensive costs of getting things to help make their days better.

  4. Jennifer says

    Just so people know there are groups that make hats, scarfs, blankets, and other goodies for cancer patients. The groups are free to join. I have my group in Oregon. If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

  5. Chris says

    This is EXACTLY what I was thinking of when I started looking for a chemo scarf…thank you so much!!

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