Tutorial: Child’s hospital gown

childhospitalgownSpending time in the hospital is hard on anyone, but especially little ones.  You can help brighten their stay with a custom hospital gown, made from fabric that they love.   Instructables member kelllbelll shows how to make one.  Go to the tutorial.
[photo from kellbelll on Instructables]

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  1. sylvia bell says

    It’s great more people are looking at ways to make those in hospital more comfortable by modifying hospital gowns, but I have my spouse and sister in the fight for their life illness and in order to make them comfortable while in hospital I have design changes to PJ’s and Nightshirts, housecoats so they can wear their own or have a pair made for them as well as a washable support for making them comfortable while they have IV’s
    I want to put them out here but I am not very good with the computer so I don’t know how to get pictures or instructions so that i can share this info Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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