Tutorial: Continous bias binding, plus a calculator

Tutorial: Continous bias binding, plus a calculator When making bias tape, you’ll need looooong strips of fabric (unless you’re binding off a very small project, that is).  One way to make the long strips is to make continuous binding, where you cut and fold and sew the edges of a square together just right, so you can then cut it into one long continuous strip.  Deb from So Sew Easy shares a tutorial showing how to do it.  And, in another post, she shares a very handy calculator to help you figure how big a square you need to make in order to get enough bias tape for your project.  Go to her continuous binding tutorial to find out how to fold and cut the square.  Go to her handy continuous binding calculator to see how big a square you need.

[photo from So Sew Easy]


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    Thank you so much for sharing my links. Making the bias tape was new to me, but it turned out so well I just had to share! I’ll soon be adding this to lots of new projects and thinking of projects just so I can use the (hundreds of yards of) tape made so far.

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