Tutorial: Diapers for a baby doll

My little girl LOVES playing dolls.  More specifically, she loves putting diapers on dolls.  Sometimes we make them from paper napkins and scotch tape, but her favorites are the ones made from cloth with velcro fasteners, like these that Simply Feather made for her own daughter’s baby doll.  She shares a tutorial showing how she did it, so you can go and make a set for your own child’s baby doll.  Get the how-to.

[photo from Simply Feather]

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  1. Jenn A-G says

    I love this tutorial and love that your great photos. Has the link to your PDF closed down? The reason I’m asking is that I am unable to download and print without signing in to FB–which I did. Then it sent me to a proxy location that is not uploading. Can you re post your PDF in another way? (I’m accustomed to Acrobat Readers–not ScribD and that may be the problem.)

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