Tutorial: Distressed fringed jeans

Tutorial: Distressed fringed jeansCathy from Trinkets in Bloom shows how you can DIY a pair of distressed fringed jeans.  Her project is inspired by a pair of designer jeans she saw, but were far outside of her price range.  She was able to recreate the look with a basic pair of jeans, distressing them and adding the fringe to the hem.   Go to Trinkets in Bloom for the tute.

[photo from Trinkets in Bloom]


  1. Theresa says

    Those are the ugliest jeans I have ever seen. I have never understood the need to “distress” items. Even furniture. People refinish it and then distress it. I want my things to look new. I would never deliberately cut holes in my jeans. Just don’t understand it.

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