Tutorial: DIY bias tape maker from hardware store materials

You can buy handy metal bias tape maker gadgets at the fabric store.  But did you know that you can make your own from a disposable crat knife?  You know, the ones with the break-away blades?  PC from MeiJo’s Joy shows how she did just that.  Brilliant!!  Go to her tutorial to see how she did it.

[photo from MeiJo’s Joy]


  1. sarah vine says

    That’s FANTASTIC! I live in a country where nifty sewing and crafting gadgets aren’t readily available, and have always drooled over everyone else’s (online) homemade bias tape. But we freakin’ DO have exacto knives! Way to think outside the box, PC.

    (p.s. though to be truly ‘bias’ tape, doesn’t it have to be cut on the diagonal from your fabric?)


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