Tutorial: Dog belly band to prevent urine accidents

Tutorial: Dog belly band to prevent urine accidentsJessica from Catobear shows how you can make a dog belly band to prevent urine accidents.  Being a cat person myself, I had never heard of one of these things.  It turns out, it’s kind of like a cross between a belt and a diaper.  Should your dog have an accident, the urine is absorbed into the belly band instead of ending up on the floor. She warns that a belly band should not be seen as an alternative to taking your dog outside to do his (or her) business there, nor should a wet belly band be left on the dog.  Go to Catobear for the tutorial.

[photo from Catobear


  1. TJo says

    I sure could use one of these. We have two male dogs that always try to “outdo” the other when we visit someone! Do these work for both male and female dogs?

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