Tutorial: Easy camera strap cover

camerastrapRuby from Zaaberry made a pretty new cover for her camera strap, and shares a tutorial showing how she did it.  It’s a quick and easy project, taking just a few straight seams to complete.  The cover is stitched to the strap so it won’t slide around. Go to her blog for the how-to.

[photo from Zaaberry]


  1. Star says

    Well, this was a terrific surprise and
    allow me to tell you why I was so pleased to find the tutorial on the camera strap cover.

    While browsing on Amazon for camera supplies for my Nikon D90- I saw decorative camera straps being sold.

    Really, really pretty ones, in all sorts of color themes and designs.

    The irony? They cost the same amount of money as a camera flash item I needed!

    Yes- like 38.99 or something like that- not including the ship fee!

    ( I am a major Amazon fan. I do not believe the straps were a direct sell from Amazon but rather an Amazon vendor selling through their site.)

    I thought the pricing was pretty absurd-even if the straps were quite lovely.

    Clearly, given the choice, I was going to be buying the item for my flash over the very pretty strap.

    So today( and I don’t believe in coincidences) I wandered onto your site thanks to a craft link and found this project!

    Wow- perfect timing to find this tute!

    This will not only save me money- it will allow me to truly personalize my own strap :-)

    Thx for listing the tutorial.

    I am sure other camera enthusiasts will be thrilled if they also saw the decorative straps being sold online.

    I tried to leave a comment for the person who created the tutorial on her site, but the site was not permitting me to.

    I hope she sees this appreciative comment as being for both of you.

    Kudos for CraftGossip’s sewing section for listing the tute and for her taking the time to create the easy to follow tutorial for all to enjoy. Thx again! Star :-)

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