Tutorial: Gertie Gecko Wheat Pack microwaveable heat bag

gertiegeckoheatpackFunky Friends Factory  sells a tutorial for showing how to make this Gertie Gecko Wheat Pack, a gecko-shaped microwaveable heat pack.  This cute little guy can help melt away a day’s stress or aching muscles.  You can purchase Gertie Gecko here

Also be sure to check out their tips here for creating a heating pack.  These are applicable to any heat pack you might make, geck or not.  Read their tips.

[photo from Funky Friends Factory]

[via Cut Out and Keep blog]

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      Thank you for the clarification. I called myself reading closely, but obviously it was before I had finished my morning cup of coffee!! The tips they give are applicable to the geck pattern or to any other heating pad you might make. I’ve updated the post here on Craft Gossip. –Anne

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